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January 2013




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January 2013 Update


Happy New Year to you all,

As we begin a new year, I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in IHP this year. Your efforts to fill out a survey, attend a talk, watch a video online, or serve on a committee are appreciated. It was encouraging to hear many of you say that you “actually learned something” by participating in the CME events, and that it was worth your time.

We are working to provide more opportunity to learn and earn operational credits this year. Programs for 2013 will be broad-based in their scope, and we hope to focus on issues of how we can become more efficient in patient care and network development.

Reviewing our Physician Satisfaction Survey results made it clear that we need to be more efficient in our communication to the membership of IHP. The majority of us want to receive information by email, but want IHP email to be differentiated from INTEGRIS email. Emails from IHP will now be clearly labeled INTEGRIS Health Partners in the “From” line of your inbox. Every effort will be made to ensure these communications are important, efficient and informative. Make sure we have your preferred email address. There are significant challenges to disseminating information to 800+ physicians. If your needs are not being met, please let me know.

Our agenda for the year is in development and will be finalized soon. We have chosen our Top 5 Strategic Initiatives for 2013; they are included in this newsletter. It is very important to have more physician participation in IHP this year. When we put out the call for help with a committee, a task force or an activity, please answer the call. It is imperative that this be a physician-driven network. If we all take the time and give the effort, then we will have real say in how health care is delivered.


Carl Raczkowski, M.D.


2013 INTEGRIS Health Partners Board of Directors

Board Officers



Dr. Carl Raczkowski


3366 NW Expressway #300
Oklahoma City OK 73112

Dr. Matthew Britt       

3400 NW Expressway #105
Oklahoma City OK 73112

Dr. Robert Lockwood


1205 Health Center Parkway #100
Yukon OK 73099

Physician Board Members



Dr. Brent Beson

4221 S Western Avenue #5000
Oklahoma City OK 73109

Dr. Chris Carey

4221 S Western Avenue #4005
Oklahoma City OK 73019

Dr. Colleen Dooley

3330 NW 56th Street #400
Oklahoma City OK 73112

Dr. Deborah Huff

11200 N Portland Ave 2nd Floor
Oklahoma City OK 73120

Dr. Glen Hyde

1608 Professional Circle
Yukon OK 73099

Dr. Tanya Livingston

1205 Health Center Parkway #100
Yukon OK 73099

Dr. Bill Miller

3433 NW 56th Street #910
Oklahoma City OK 73112

Dr. Michael Morgan

4221 S Western Avenue #3030
Oklahoma City OK 73109

Dr. Diana O’Connor

9809 S Pennsylvania
Oklahoma City OK 73159

Dr. Hal O’Dell

3330 NW 56th Street #206
Oklahoma City OK 73112

Dr. Teresa Shavney

3435 NW 56th Street #211
Oklahoma City OK 73112

Dr. Justin Sparkes

4833 INTEGRIS Parkway #200
Edmond OK 73003

Dr. Brent Tipton

5100 N Brookline #530
Oklahoma City OK 73112

Dr. Gary Worcester           

3433 NW Expressway #400
Oklahoma City OK 73112


INTEGRIS Board Members



Dr. Jeff Cruzan           
5915 W Memorial Road #300
Oklahoma City OK 73142

Jim Daniel
101 N Broadway
Oklahoma City OK 73126

Chris Hammes
3366 NW Expressway #800
Oklahoma City OK 73112

Staff Members



Jeff Brown
3366 NW Expressway #800
Oklahoma City OK 73112

Angela Cosby
3366 NW Expressway #800
Oklahoma City OK 73112

Matt Henderson
3030 NW Expressway #1620
Oklahoma City OK 73112

Deidre Horn
3030 NW Expressway #1620
Oklahoma City OK 73112

Greg Meyers
3366 NW Expressway #800
Oklahoma City OK 73112

Dr. LeRoy Southmayd
5555 N Grand Boulevard #100
Oklahoma City OK 73112

Dr. James White
3366 NW Expressway #800
Oklahoma City OK 73112



INTEGRIS Health Partners Network Top 5 Branded, Non-specialty Drugs

  1. Nexium
  2. Victoza 3-pack
  3. Humalog
  4. Singulair
  5. Cymbalta

Among the INTEGRIS Health Partners Network of providers the number one prescribed, branded drug is Nexium. Omeprazole and Pantoprazole are both generic proton pump inhibitors that are available for use and may result in equal efficacy and lower costs. Please consider switching your patients from Nexium to Omeprazole or Pantoprazole.

2013 Member Identification Cards          

INTEGRIS metro employees received their new member ID cards in December. Images of the cards are attached, so that you and your staff may print them for future reference. The first card, labeled INTEGRIS Health Partners Custom Care Plan, is for members who selected the IHP ONLY plan. The second card, INTEGRIS Health Partners Custom Care Plan with OHN Buy-up, is for those employees who chose to “buy-up” to the Oklahoma Health Network. It is similar to the IHP only card; however, the text limiting the applicability of OHN is removed. If the employees in the OHN buy-up plan chose a PCP in the IHP network, then they will receive benefits at the Custom Care Plan rate. Feel free to share the images of the cards, below, with your staff. Please note: the Group ID numbers for these plans are new for 2013.

Top 5 Strategic Initiatives for 2013

The IHP Board of Directors has approved the Top 5 Strategic Initiatives for 2013. Each initiative revolves around the central focus of ADDED VALUE. If you have a special interest in any of the issues listed below or ideas about how to achieve our goals, then please contact a Board member to become involved.

Initiative 1 – Creation of single network scorecard with consistent targets, including PCP clinical measures and hospital quality/efficiency measures.
Assignment: Create a single IHP scorecard of measures for 2013 integrating metrics from the IHP list, Coventry’s negotiated list, the IHP member process measures, and select hospital quality/efficiency measures. Through consultation with Hospital Leadership and reaching out to other clinically-integrated networks, evaluate and create a set of IHP quality and efficiency measures and set incentives to better engage Network specialists and drive hospital improvement.
Responsible committee: Performance Improvement.

Initiative 2 – Identification of Network strategy for Medicare Advantage products.
Assignment: Initiate a process for the development of a coherent IHP approach to Medicare Advantage contracting, including integration of current IPS MA contracts.
Responsible committee: Contracting and Finance

Initiative 3 – Creation of all payer clinical metrics/reports.
Assignment: Working with MedVentive, explore a pilot project whereby physicians could load all of their patient data into MedVentive to establish baseline practice performance measure and utilize the registry functions to assist with quality reporting required by various payors.

Responsible committee: Board of Directors appointed task force

Initiative 4 – Identification of focused clinical initiatives for the year; comprised of task force initiatives/CME opportunities, timeline and reporting structure as well as network education/training.
Assignment: Design an effective communication plan to keep all IHP members up-to-date on IHP activities and aware of their responsibilities and timeline to complete requirements. Standardize a formal process for rolling out new network initiatives (guidelines, protocols, measures, etc).
Responsible committee: Network Strategy and Credentialing

Initiative 5 – Identification of plan to increase physician engagement in Network for primary care and specialists.
Assignment: To be completed in conjunction with Initiatives #1 and #4.
Responsible committee: Board of Directors appointed task force

 Meet the New Tobacco Treatment Coordinator

Sydney Tomlinson has joined INTEGRIS Health Partners as the Tobacco Treatment Coordinator. Ms. Tomlinson holds a degree in Exercise/Fitness Management from the University of Central Oklahoma. She has experience in corporate wellness, including the start-up of three corporate wellness centers and coordinating employee health screenings across North America. Ms. Tomlinson is available to assist IHP physicians and their clinical teams with Tobacco Freedom resources and referrals for their patients. She can be reached at 405-501-7904 or at sydney.tomlinson@integrisok.com. Please join us in welcoming Ms. Tomlinson to the IHP team.


New Processes: EDD and Daily Rapid Rounds

Introduction to Utilization Management and Dr. J. D. Lackey

Dear Colleague,

As we continue further into these uncertain and challenging times in health care we don’t have any choice but to worry about the cost of accomplishing our work. There simply is no room to continue to spend unnecessary dollars. A large, sweeping initiative, Tomorrow’s INTEGRIS, has been created to help address this issue. One area of focus relates to inpatient clinical operations, where a team is working to improve throughput with a focus on appropriate length of stay. To accomplish this goal we need your help.

We need to call everyone’s attention to early, appropriate discharge planning. Two initiatives are occurring to facilitate timely discharge:

·         Early establishment of an Estimated Discharge Date (EDD)

·         Daily Rapid Rounds

The EDD will first be established by the case managers based on your patient’s diagnosis-related group (DRG) and the published length of stay, usually necessary for effective care of such a patient. The EDD will initially be accompanied by a time of 11:00:00 and will appear within the colored banner bar and elsewhere in the patient’s electronic medical record. A case manager or nurse will interact with you, either on the unit or by phone, to validate this date and time. The EDD will then be updated, and the time will be changed to anything other than 11:00:00, indicating to everyone that the date displayed has been confirmed by you. The prominent appearance of this EDD in the electronic record is intended to prompt conversations or activities needed with physicians and/or others to anticipate and begin planning for discharge; thus preventing delays when the patient is medically ready for discharge. Once validated, the EDD will also be communicated to the patient/family and documented on the patient’s whiteboard.

Daily Rapid Rounds are designed to accomplish the same goal – insuring attention to and planning for discharge. These rounds occur each morning and include case management, nursing, and clinical documentation specialists. The primary focus is to discuss each patient’s progress towards discharge and identify a plan of care that will facilitate a safe and timely discharge.

Another area of inpatient care where there is considerable variability and opportunity is utilization – both as it relates to length of stay and to resources consumed to take care of a patient. Both need to improve in many cases. To help us begin to accomplish this task we need a respected physician to understand the data, recognize where appropriate improvements are possible, and work with individual physicians to help them to understand and be willing to pay attention and make some changes. That will be a full-time job.

I am pleased to announce that Dr. J. D. Lackey has agreed to become Medical Director of Utilization Management for INTEGRIS Health. His initial focus will be in our metro hospitals. He will also work closely with IHP leadership, committees, and the IHP Board to accomplish these goals. Physician participation, cooperation, and close collaboration will be essential to success. Expect to see more information from J. D. over the coming months as he transitions from his busy OB-Gyn practice at INTEGRIS Canadian Valley hospital into this challenging, larger role.

The only way that our system can continue to be successful in the future is with physician collaboration and cooperation. We all must work together as a team, with our focus on the best care and best outcomes for the patient. Thanks for your understanding and participation. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Jim White

James P. White, M.D.

INTEGRIS Health Managing Director, Medical Affairs & Chief Medical Officer








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