Billing Transition

INTEGRIS is pleased to introduce you to a new billing statement, and a new online patient and bill pay portal called INTEGRIS and Me.

Your billing statement shouldn't be a mystery to you. We spoke with patients and redesigned it with you in mind – to provide you with clear, easy-to-find information about all your accounts. Our patients told us they want to see all their charges on a single bill. Whether you receive care in one of our hospitals or a provider's office, you will find all essential account information in one concise summary every month.

Effective Dec. 1, 2015, your new billing statement will reflect the balance due for care you received at INTEGRIS physician clinics on and after Dec. 1, 2015.

If you have outstanding charges from care you received before Dec. 1 at an INTEGRIS physician clinic, those charges will not be included on this new billing statement. Please continue to pay those bills as you normally would.

When will I receive a bill?

Patients are billed as soon as possible after their appointment or hospital stay. Bill cycles are every 30 days. Typically, bills are not sent until all insurance claims have been processed. Patients without insurance receive bills directly. Once a bill is received, the balance is due in full or you can set up payment arrangements. Please contact Customer Service at 405-252-8400 or 1-855-409-5458 for any questions regarding your bill or payment arrangements.

What is included in my new billing statement?

Starting Dec. 1, 2015, INTEGRIS will provide you with one billing statement for your physician services. By mid-2016, INTEGRIS hospital charges will be combined with physician clinic charges on your billing statement.

What other bills could I receive?

You may receive bills for care provided at INTEGRIS physician clinics before Dec. 1, 2015. Also, bills from physicians not managed by INTEGRIS such as radiology and anesthesiology will not change; you will receive a separate bill from these physicians. Until mid-2016, you will receive your hospital bills separately. Please continue to pay these bills as you normally would.

What are my options to pay?

You may pay the balance on your new billing statement in three convenient ways.

  • Set up an account on our new online patient and bill pay portal,
  • Make a one time payment at using our Quick Pay function.
  • Mail your payment in the envelope enclosed with your billing statement.

Thank you for trusting us with your health care needs.

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