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Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - Local Man Walks Again
By Meg Alexander

Marcus Brown is suiting up to take a huge step in his life. He’s worked toward this for four years, ever since his life was turned upside by a car wreck.

His girlfriend was killed and he was paralyzed from the waist down.

Tuesday at the Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Center at Integris Southwest, this former college football player walked again.

We introduced you to the robotic exoskeleton suit a week ago.

It looks like a backpack with legs and is one of only 10 in the nation.

Physical Therapist Dawn Addison said it’s a real breakthrough for people like Marcus.

“It’s a bionic suit that has motors in the knees and the hips,” she said. “They weight shift and the motors in the knees and hips hold them up on one leg and you click a button and it advances the other leg.”

Marcus believes it’s his athletic background that has helped him get this far.

“Just playing sports all the time and just having that attitude like keep on going and not giving up,” he said.

In just minutes, Marcus strapped in the suit and was on his feet.

“It is a game changer. I’m happy about it,” he said.

With channeled determination, Marcus put one foot in front of the other; his future growing brighter with each step.

“Hopefully with this exo it will retrain my muscles and hopefully I’ll walk again. Hopefully walk without any assistance. Or run again, that’s what I’m hoping,” he said.

Marcus will do therapy with the bionic suit a number of times a week.

His immediate goal is to get good enough to use the portable version which he will control himself.

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