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INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center is a level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Oklahoma City. Our unit cares for more than 450 infants each year. We are a 40-bed unit. Our neonatal team consists of five board-certified neonatologists, specialty trained neonatal nurse PR practitioners and neonatal nurses, therapists, social workers, and ancillary staff who work under the principle of family-centered care. This team, combined with the NICU's state-of-the-art technology, ensures that your infant will receive the highest level of care possible. Neonatologist and Nurse Practitioners are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to provide care to these infants.

Our dedicated team of nurses and medical staff are committed to provide a “family friendly” unit allowing parents and family to spend quality time with baby.

Statistics from the March of Dimes estimates that one in nine women will not carry their pregnancy to term and will deliver at 37 weeks. Nearly 500,000 infants will be admitted to Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the United States.

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About Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Oklahoma City OK

About Us

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center Neonatal Unit is committed to family centered care. We believe that this is essential in providing the best care to our tiny patients and families. We encourage the involvement of parents in their baby’s non-medical care.

The NICU services include:

Oscillator ventilation

Nitric oxide treatment

Neonatal Transport Team

Parent teaching program

Parental support groups

Information about your visits with your baby and his/her development

Your First Visit

When you first see your baby in the NICU, he or she may seem smaller and different than you initially remembered. Despite the isolette, equipment and specialists surrounding your baby, this newborn is still your baby. Interacting with your baby is very important to his/her recovery and your own peace of mind.

Your Baby

Breast Feeding

Your Preemie's Development

Terms, Procedures, Medications and other resources for you while your baby is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Oklahoma City OK

Learn More

The following links will help you better understand what is happening to your baby as he/she is in the NICU.

Glossary of Terms

Equipment and Procedures


For Your information

Other Resources



Tiny TeleTalk™

Our Neonatal Intensive Care team at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center is proud to offer TinyTeleTalk™ to our families at other facilities who’s baby has been transferred to the NICU at INTEGRIS Baptist for care. TinyTeleTalk™ promotes bonding between parents and their newborn baby. You will be able to see your baby online and watch their progress until they are able to come home to you.

Tiny TeleTalk™ uses a high-definition camera placed at your baby’s crib so you will be able to see your baby in real-time from any computer that has Internet access. This innovative program will allow you to have scheduled visitation with your baby when you are not able to physically be in our NICU nursery.

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