Treatment Options

Treatment options at the INTEGRIS Bass Radiation Oncology Center include:

2D conventional

This process makes use of an X-ray simulator, a 2D computer treatment planning system used for calculation of dose distributions for X-rays and electron treatment beams.

3D conformal

Modern imaging technologies provide a 3D view of the cancer patient's anatomy, allowing the radiation oncologist to more accurately identify tumors and their relationships with other tissues. 3D treatment planning has the potential to improve cancer survival rates and quality of life, as it provides the ability to deliver higher doses to more accurately defined tumor and at the same time lower doses to normal tissues. This reduces treatment side effects.

Intensity modulated radiation therapy with image guidance

A specialized form of treatment in which a radiation beam is broken into many “beamlets,” allowing radiation to be shaped more exactly to treat the tumor. The intensity of each beamlet can be adjusted individually, making it possible to further limit the exact amount of radiation received by normal tissues near the tumor. In some situations, IMRT may also allow a higher dose of radiation to be delivered to the tumor, increasing the chance of a cure.

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