Treatment Technologies

Varian IX Linear Accelerator

With high and low energies, tumors can be targeted at any depth and location within the body. Electron energies allow for the treatment of superficial skin lesions and allow boosting the dose to tumors while sparing healthy organs. A multi-leaf collimator system allows for millimeter accuracy in our treatment delivery. On board imaging for real time visualization of the treatment area.

Varian Simulator and CT Scanning

Using a multitude of treatment aids (breast boards, Aquaplast, Vac-Loks and assorted cushions) to make the patient comfortable and improve treatment accuracy.

Eclipse Treatment Planning Software

The physician, through the combined use of CT, MRI and pet scans, will outline the tumor volume. The dosimetrist will create the optimal treatment plan to maximize the tumor dose while sparing healthy tissue.

Additional Treatment Methods

External beam radiation therapy

Use of high energy photons and electrons for the treatment of cancer. External beams allow administration of treatment without anything coming into physical contact with the patient.

Gynecological implants

Temporary devices implanted with a radioactive source. Once complete, no radiation is left inside the patient.

Thyroid therapy

Patients are administered a radioactive pill at the clinic, then may go home as treatment is complete.

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