Women's Services

INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center is the leading provider of women’s health services in Northwest Oklahoma. Our goal is to provide compassionate, comprehensive care to women of all ages.

Our state-of-the-art birthing center is staffed by nationally certified nurses and provides a level II special care nursery, and our diagnostic capabilities include digital mammography, breast MRI and stereotactic breast biopsy.

Through five dedicated OB/Gyn’s we are able to provide the only robotically assisted surgeries in northwest Oklahoma and deliver more babies than any other health care facility in our area.

Women’s healthcare is important. At INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center we are committed to providing the best care, recognizing that each patient is unique and to treating you like family.



Helping women get healthier with robotics



Meet Our Physicians

A Woman's Guide to Good Health and Well-Being

A Woman's Journey

From adolescence to pregnancy to menopause, a woman's gender gives her a unique health perspective on life

In Good Health

Healthy habits can help you live your life to the fullest—follow a well-balanced diet, get plenty of exercise, and keep stress under control.

Women's Health Issues

Breast and gynecological health are two issues that women are most concerned about, but heart disease and osteoporosis are also critical.

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