Breast Ultrasound

A breast ultrasound uses sound waves to create an image the breast. A breast ultrasound is usually performed to further analyze an abnormality seen on a mammogram. They are also used to create a more detailed image of lumps that can be felt. Breast ultrasounds help determine the need for a biopsy or additional testing, as well as to distinguish normal findings like cysts or fat lobules from suspicious breast changes that need further attention. In someone with a suspicious breast mass, ultrasounds can be used to look for enlarged lymph nodes under the arm. Breast ultrasounds are also often used to guide a needle to breast lesions and abnormal lymph nodes during breast biopsies.

Please be aware: breast ultrasounds are currently not recommended for breast cancer screening in the general population. They are not covered by insurance as a screening exam and will incur an additional charge if desired for the purpose of screening.

Anatomy of the Breast

If you are in need of a breast ultrasound exam at one of our Oklahoma locations, call your local INTEGRIS hospital or clinic or the INTEGRIS HealthLine at 888-951-2277.

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