3D Mammography Available 

The mammogram is the initial imaging exam used to screen the general population of women for breast cancer. X-ray images show variations in breast tissue that can help a radiologist identify abnormal tissue. Screening mammography is recommended for all women every year beginning at age 40. Although mammograms, like many medical exams, are not 100% accurate, they are the best imaging method available today for finding breast cancer at an early stage.

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Screening Mammogram

X-rays of the breasts that have no abnormal symptoms or history of previous breast cancer. A mammogram can find a growth two to three years before it can be felt. Digital mammography differs from the standard analog mammogram in the way the image is recorded, viewed by the doctor, and stored. Digital mammography allows the radiologist to manipulate the digital images to optimize the resolution.

Diagnostic Mammogram

X-rays of the breasts that have a symptom such as pain, lump, discharge or retractive nipple. A diagnostic mammogram is more extensive and requires a doctor's referral.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Uses high-frequency sound waves to evaluate a breast lump.

Ultrasound Guided Biopsy

Uses high-frequency sound waves to outline breast lumps while retrieving tissue used in the detection of breast disease.

Mammotome Biopsy

Minimally invasive procedure, which retrieves tissue used in the detection of breast disease.

Cyst Aspiration

Uses a fine needle to draw fluid from a breast lump.

Breast Needle Localization

Placing a fine wire at the site of an abnormality to direct surgeons to the exact site.


Injecting dye into a mammary duct to identify the source of an abnormal nipple discharge.

Breast MRI

Using a magnetic field and a radio beam to create a picture of the breast for addition imaging or for biopsy procedures.

Computer Aided Detection

Aids in early detection of breast cancer by allowing the radiologist to utilize an overhead system to enhance the interpretation for both analog and digital mammography.

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