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Building a new hospital to provide health care services for the communities of western Oklahoma was not enough for INTEGRIS. Shortly after the hospital doors opened, INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital announced the opening of the new INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Specialty Clinic.

Located within the hospital facility, the clinic currently provides specialty care services in the areas of oncology, eye care, neurology, nephrology, pain management, and urology.

"Our specialty clinic provides a wide variety of services from highly skilled and reputable physicians within the area. We are committed to bringing these specialist to our hospital so that our patients have the health resources they need closer to home. With the increasing demand of health care needs, INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital will continue to pursue the opportunity of adding additional physicians and services to our Specialty Clinic”

Physicians providing services in the Specialty Clinic include

Eye Care:   

Your eyes are an important part of your health. Our eye clinic in Yukon provides diagnostic and preventive treatments of common eye conditions. There are many things you and you physician can do to keep them healthy and make sure you are seeing your best.

Brad Britton, O.D. 752-2733
Brad Taylo, O.D. 752-2733

The INTEGRIS nephrologists are specialists in kidney care and treating diseases of the kidneys, and also oversee many of our dialysis patients.

Guruprasad Manjunath, M.D. 942-5442


Nate Stetson, M.D. 717-7955

Dr. Yasin is an expert in medical oncology and hematology, as well as a board-certified physician in medical oncology and internal medicine caring for INTEGRIS Canadian Valley’s cancer patients right here in Yukon.

Irim Yasin, M.D.  773-6400 
Pain Management:  

Patients can expect exceptional care for chronic pain conditions at the specialty clinic in Yukon. Whether it is back pain, headaches, or anything in between, our physician will help you manage, reduce, or relieve your pain so you can focus on living your life.

Atul Walia, D.O. 945-4359

The INTEGRIS specialty clinic pulmonologist can diagnose and treat lung conditions and diseases.

 Azhar Khan, M.D. 947-3345 

INTEGRIS is dedicated to providing high quality, urological care to Yukon and beyond. Our physicians comprehensively diagnose and treat a range of conditions affecting the urinary system in adults and children.

Roy Bankhead, M.D. 495-6134
William Miller, M.D. 717-7955
Philip Mosca, M.D. 634-7727

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