Childbirth Classes

INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital offers on-site Childbirth Classes for all expecting moms. Early registration after 14 weeks of pregnancy is encouraged. Registration fee is $50 total for both expectant mom and her labor coach to attend all 8 classes. The fee also includes a class booklet. Join our classes for an informative, innovative, energetic and interactive way to approach your pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum needs.

Your “birth story” is one that you will tell over and over for years to come. Your baby will LOVE to hear their first story. Don’t you want to smile and feel energized when you tell it? Regardless of any bumps in the road you may encounter along the journey, it can still be a great story when you prepare and plan ahead. Don’t just let labor happen to you. Don’t sit back and become a spectator to your own labor or your partner’s labor. Come, let’s create something amazing together!

During the classes we will address 4 basic principles that will directly impact how mom, labor coach, and baby tolerate labor. And, how these 4 principles are also crucial to effective parenting as well. They are being:

  1. Well Supported
  2. Well Nourished
  3. Well Hydrated
  4. Well Rested

We will discuss your upcoming new normal and how to begin now simplifying and de-stressing your life by:

  1. Saying “no” to good things and “yes” to great things!
  2. Finding ways around the house to simplify life (i.e. delay start of washer and dishwasher)

Register for Childbirth Classes

Childbirth classes are held in Yukon at ICVH in conference rooms A and B from 6:30 to 9 p.m.

For class information and to register, please contact program instructor, Jeanna Lynn May, RN, BSN:

405-717-7860 or by e-mail at

You may also enroll for the online childbirth class by clicking below.

Click to view our online childbirth class

Topics include:

  • Labor Coach’s role – How valuable you are!! What does being Well Supportive look like – being a team!! Packing your “Man” bag or “Coaches” bag (what you need to care for mom/yourself during labor)
  • Nutritional needs – look at the anatomical changes and how eating small amounts of healthy foods (go over these) every 2 hours along with Hydration (water) needs helps promote quality rest and improved discomforts
  • Comfort Measures – use of PAIN acronym (Pain with a Purpose - change positions, endorphins, empty bladder, stress hormones; Anticipated – create/know your game plan/comfort measures - breathing, visual, touch, positions, comforts from home, focal points, etc..; Intermittent – huddle time to regroup and re-energize; Normal – knowledge base of embracing labor as a normal process of life, allow the medical personnel to deal with outside factors, stay focused on your role of giving birth). We also have a discussion on the use of narcotics and epidural anesthesia in labor – freedom of choice.
  • Labor and Delivery Hospital Tour – actually spending time in the room to walk through a delivery process and consider how you can individualize your room, making it feel like the comforts of home with the safety and security of the hospital setting.
  • Birthing Process – Stages, Terms, Vaginal exam, What to expect…, Show and Tell: bulb/Delee suction, internal monitor, amniohook, IUPC, and Kiwi suction. And, knowing when, where, and how to push – Moms coach Labor coaches in class 
  • Communicating with your Medical Caregivers – assertive communication to be a team
  • Cesarean Birth – reasons one may become necessary and what to expect
  • Postpartum Recovery – physical healing and emotional adjustments
  • Baby Basics – holding/transferring hold, swaddling, skin-to-skin/kangaroo care, diaper changing, dressing, day/night schedules, safe sleep.
  • Beginning Breastfeeding – initial basics (positioning, latching on/breaking suction, feedings/colostrum) beginning with confidence and resources to build on

What people are saying about the Childbirth classes at INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital:

"My husband and I made the decision to attend birthing classes at INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital to prepare for the arrival of our son in April 2012. We thought we would get some helpful tips to help us survive labor and delivery but this class was so much more than that. From the very start, JeannaLynn made us feel like we were at home and there were no questions that were off the table! We were prepared not only for the labor and delivery but also learned how to care for our child when we brought him home. Without the preparation provided in the class, I’m confident my husband and I would have not been calm, cool and collected during labor! The nurses kept telling me there was no way I was that far into my labor because I didn’t hate my husband yet or the nurses. I highly recommend investing your time in this class so you will go into labor knowing what to expect and go home confident that you can care for your bundle of joy!" - Anonymous
"I cannot say how much of a blessing JeannaLynn class was for our first child. She shares with you very pertinent and helpful information. Thanks to the preparation her class provided I was not a total nutcase in the hospital. She shares her knowledge and expertise in a way that shows she truly cares about you. I feel like I am better equipped to be a parent. They tell you there is no manual for being a parent and that is true, but she arms you the information to be a better parent before and after birth. The wealth of information and additional of tools/exercises help you to understand your partner and what she is going through in a fun and friendly environment. Thank you Jeanna Lynn! From the bottom of our Hearts!" - Anonymous

"My husband and I attended this class in 2010. We were stunned at the level of information we received from JeannaLynn. She not only eased our fears but gave us confidence. We gained tips and ideas in how to care for each other before, during and after childbirth. Our daughter is 2 1/2 and we honestly still use many of the things will learned in class! I believe every couple should attend this class. It's so much more than childbirth!" - Michael and Ginnifer Heinrichs

"All first time parents should take INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital's Childbirth Class! In the class, moms and coaches learn about the entire childbirth process. It is true that knowledge overcomes fear, and the knowledge gained of the childbirth process gives moms confidence in and overcomes their fears of giving birth. The class instructor is an experienced labor and delivery nurse of over twenty years who is passionate about helping all moms have a great birth experience by thoroughly educating each mom and coach. Additionally, the instructor is a mom who has personally experienced both forms of delivery, vaginal and C-section, and her candor, honesty and vulnerability about the deliveries of her two children helps to add credibility to the materials presented. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and would recommend it to all moms who will be delivering their baby at INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital!" - Anonymous

What did you enjoy most about the class?

  • “The amount of information that was covered from the Dad’s roles, labor, taking baby home, postpartum recovery, and breastfeeding” 
  • “Informative information, Interaction, Videos, Handouts, and Great instructor” 
  • “The interaction with other couples” 
  • “The encouragement from the instructor” 
  • “Learning to support my wife during labor” 
  • “The hands on experience” 

Parent education is provided during your pregnancy. For information about our online classes, please call the INTEGRIS HealthLine at 405-951-2277.

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