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Recruitment FAQ

How do I apply for jobs at INTEGRIS?
At INTEGRIS Health, the entire application process can be done online. Visit our job board at www.integrisok.jobs to search and apply for jobs. All available positions are posted online along with location and job descriptions.

Can I bring in a paper resume?
No, we only accept applications online. Our offices in the metro area (Oklahoma City) are available if you would like to come in and complete the application on one of our computers.

How long does it take to hear back after submitting an application?
There is not a set time frame on how long the process could take. It could depend on several factors such as the amount of applications recruitment has to go through or the priority of filling the position.

After I’ve submitted an application, what is the process from there?
Here are the phases your application will go through after you’ve completed the application:

  • New/To Be Reviewed – You application has been received
  • Recruiter Screening – The recruiter for the position is reviewing your application. The recruiter will pass along any qualified candidates to the hiring manager. 
  • Manager Screening – The manager for the position is reviewing your application. If the manager would like to set up an interview, they will communicate via the telephone number or e-mail address that you have listed. 

How can I check the status of my application?
Log onto your profile and select the Job Submissions tab. This will give you the status of your application. If you are not selected for a position, the job will drop off from your job submissions and you will receive an email notification.

How will I receive communication about my application?
The recruitment team will communicate via telephone or email. You may receive communication about the status of your application, request for an interview, or a request for additional information.

Can I speak to someone about my application or a recruiter?
Unfortunately, due to the amount of applications and limited resources, our recruiters are not readily available to speak with unless they have directly communicated to you via email or telephone about an application.

Can you tell me the pay range for a position?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide pay ranges for positions. If you are selected for the position, pay will be discussed with a member of our recruitment team.

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