Lay Health Promoter Program

Jenny Pascual (left) and Maria A. Trent (right)

INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center
Medical Office Building
4200 S Douglas Avenue,
Suite B-10 (Basement)
Oklahoma City, OK 73109

A large number of medically at-risk Hispanics are unable to deal with their health problems effectively. Barriers include language, transportation, poverty, lack of health insurance coverage or uninsured, or immigration status. Many do not have a medical home or relationship with a primary health care provider.

The INTEGRIS Hispanic Initiative is now offering a Lay Health Promoter program for the Hispanic community, “Promotoras de Salud - Bienestar Comunitario.” The Lay Health Promoter program is an innovative way of transmitting health information to targeted neighborhoods, in this case Hispanics bringing immigrants into care and increasing their education on health issues.

Through Promotoras de Salud - Bienestar Comunitario, two lay health promoters, Maria A. Trent and Jenny Pascual, have been trained by health professionals and medical adviser Tomas Owens, M.D., to educate the Hispanic community in three prevalent health issues: stroke, hypertension and diabetes.

Trent and Pascual are available to do presentations in Spanish for the community.

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