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At INTEGRIS, we care about keeping you healthy. We want everyone to live long, happy lives. More than a year ago, INTEGRIS launched I On Your Health, a weekly email and regularly updated blog dedicated to providing you with news and information to improve your health. 

We’ve given a fresh new look to I On Your Health and added new content we think you will enjoy. Our doctors and other health experts will continue to share the latest health news, and our stories will continue to focus on your health and wellness. We think Oklahoma is a special place to live, so whenever possible, we will keep our stories local. If you are an Oklahoman, and interested in your health, we aim to be your trusted source for useful and interesting tools and resources to help you and your family live healthier, longer and stronger.

Your health is our mission at INTEGRIS. If you haven’t already, sign up for the I On Your Health weekly email today, and bookmark our site so you can easily return for daily stories. Thank you for considering us as a partner in your health journey.

View the video below from Bruce Lawrence, president and chief executive officer of INTEGRIS, as he explains the current state of Oklahoma’s health and the need to help its citizens through healthy community initiatives like I On Your Health.




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