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eHealth is a tool for physicians and other health care professionals to provide health care consultation and education using telecommunication networks. Use of the INTEGRIS eHealth Network enhances access to medical care for rural Oklahomans and others whose access to these services is limited. Health professionals at INTEGRIS hospitals consult with patients and health care providers over a videoconferencing system linking other hospitals, clinics and schools in rural areas of Oklahoma. TeleMedicine consultations are sought as an alternative to referring patients to a specialist outside of their community. This allows care to be retained locally at significant cost savings to the patient and family.

Movement to end informed consent for telehealth signals change in acceptance

Oklahoma House Bill 2547, sponsored by Representative Glen Mulready, would repeal the section 6804 of the Oklahoma Telemedicine Act that mandates informed consent. While this legislation may not attract much attention, it signals a larger shift in healthcare.

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Correct estimation of the severity of a burn is key to obtaining the right emergent treatment of the patient and to avoid over-and under-triage. In an effort to improve access to burn care in Oklahoma, our INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center Burn Center providers are evaluating the community interest in a telemedicine program for acute burns you may receive in your emergency department. We want to thank you in advance for taking a few moments to complete this brief survey. Your responses will help our team evaluate the need for this service within your hospital emergency department.

INTEGRIS Virtual Visit

Healthcare for your lifestyle. Using everyday technology, INTEGRIS Virtual Visit brings the doctor’s office to your home. No need to drive to an Urgent Care Clinic or crowded ER – INTEGRIS Virtual Visit helps you get the care you need when you need it; 24/7. And you don’t need an appointment. A team of board-certified healthcare professionals provides treatment via two-way interactive video. For INTEGRIS Virtual Visit, all you need is a browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome) on your PC, laptop and/or tablet device(s).

How TeleHealth Works

How eHealth Works

INTEGRIS Health is one of a growing number of health care organizations across the nation using telemedicine technology to provide convenient, cost-effective, and potentially lifesaving consultations with specialty clinicians for people who live in remote locations.

eHealth and telemedicine both describe the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve the health status of the patient.



Telehealth Services


eHealth offers multiple services including TeleStroke, TeleRehabilitation, Speech TeleTherapy and rural health videoconferencing. Click on the links bellow to learn more about each of these services.




Speech TeleTherapy

Rural Health Teleconferencing

Ever wonder what the words eHealth or telemedicine mean? Here’s your answer. Watch “Jennifer’s Story” and see how eHealth technology can impact lives, save money and improve access and outcomes.

Learn More about TeleStroke

Learn About TeleStroke

TeleStroke provides real-time expert neurological assessment of patients presenting with stroke-like symptoms in your hospital’s emergency department. This expertise-on-demand can help you rapidly evaluate and treat potential acute stroke patients. All of our stroke experts are trained in the practice of TeleStroke and participate in our TeleStroke quality assurance program.

Learn More about TeleStroke:

Network Implementation


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