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About Fun & Fit Child Care

Fun & Fit is a school-aged child care program for children who are at least 4 years old AND have completed Pre-K through children who are NO OLDER than 12 years as of August 1st of the current year. We offer a Summer Camp program, Fall Break, Winter Break and Spring Break Camps as well as other School Day Out programs. We also offer After School Care at our building. Our programs are designed to actively engage school age children in a safe and fun environment. It is our goal to provide parents with safe and reliable child care while providing children and tweens with a fun and active place they enjoy each day.

Children Outdoor


Summer Child Care Program

Camp Fun & Fit is our full time summer child care program. Children are in groups based on age and spend their summer days going on field trips, on and off site activities including art projects, cooking projects, outdoor activities, video arcade and other interactive games, science experiments and much more!

Days Out

Fun & Fit offers child care for any day that Putnam City and/or Oklahoma City are out of school. These Day Out camps keep kids active and engaged when school  is out with projects, outdoor and indoor group games as well as fun activities for all ages.

INTEGRIS Fun & Fit Child Care
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After School Care

Fun & Fit’s after school child care offers a safe, fun and active environment for children to spend their time while giving parents piece of mind knowing that their child is being cared for by trained child care professionals. After school children arrive and have a healthy snack and then enjoy free play, outside time, art projects, science projects and cooking projects.

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