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Great Plains Family Medicine Center

Thank you for choosing Great Plains Family Medicine Center for your health care needs. Our mission is to educate and prepare family doctors for a lifetime of independent learning and to provide our community with highly competent, effective, and compassionate health care in order to improve the health of the people of Oklahoma. We nurture our residents' commitment to their own development as doctors, individuals, family members, professionals, and leaders.

When you visit one of our doctors, you get the best of both worlds. Our residents have received the latest and most advanced training as medical doctors backed up by some of Oklahoma City’s finest doctors with more than 89 years of combined experience. Combine this with a staff that is ready to be your health care advocate and you have found your medical home.

Our Specialty

Family medicine is the medical specialty which provides first contact, person-focused, comprehensive health care for you and your family.

What is the Great Plains Family Medicine Center All About?

Our family medicine practice provides the highest quality medical and preventive care to family members of all ages.

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