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The Great Plains Family Medicine Center, located at 3500 NW 56th Street, is a 13,035 square foot state-of-the-art facility that includes examination and procedure rooms, a conference room, and faculty and resident offices. In 2008 we had 16,361 patient visits, ranging from newborn babies to folks over 100 years old, coming in for well child visits, physicals, prenatal care, and management of a variety of acute and chronic medical problems. Forty-two people, including doctors, nurses, front office staff, and other professionals work together to provide for our patients.

We strive to serve our customers as efficiently as possible, and because of that there will always be someone available to see you, even if your regular doctor is out of the office. Out teams allow patients to be seen regardless of whether or not their physician is available that day. Call today to make your appointment.


Meet Neal Clemenson, M.D., Medical Director for Great Plains Family Medicine

Great Plains Family Medicine Residents

Blue Team Green Team

Tomas Owens, M.D.

Philip Palmer, M.D.

Grace Wilson, Ph.D.

Patrick Kennedye, M.D.

Louise Vo, M.D.

Senushi O'Sullivan, M.D.

David De Gaston, M.D.

Ross Sheline, M.D.

Anton Dreier, M.D.

Amanda Sadler, M.D.

Neal Clemenson, M.D.

Terrence Truong, M.D.

Grace Wilson, Ph.D.

Rosylynn Dean, M.D.

Jenna Geohagan, M.D.

Nathan Nguyen, M.D.

Tyler Freeman, M.D.

Caleb Janosz, M.D.

Kristen Buzzard, M.D.

Braxton Nottingham, M.D.

Sarah Wolf, M.D.

Great Plains Family Medicine Faculty

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