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If you are in need of a hand surgeon, the INTEGRIS Hand and Microsurgery Center at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City is dedicated to providing excellent medical and surgical care for patients with hand, wrist and upper extremity diseases and injuries.

The hand surgery center provides care for patients of all ages from the newborn to the centenarian and everyone in between including children with congenital musculoskeletal anomalies, adolescents with sports injuries, adults with cumulative trauma disorders and senior patients with geriatric upper extremity conditions.

The hand surgery center also provides care for patients from all walks of life including weekend warriors with overuse conditions, athletes with sport injuries, workers with industrial and occupational diseases and retirees with arthritic disorders.

The INTEGRIS Hand and Microsurgery Center, under the direction of program director and hand surgeon Ghazi M. Rayan, M.D., is home of the first and only hand surgery fellowship program in Oklahoma that accepts fellow applicants after completing their orthopedic and plastic surgery training, to engage in a one year fellowship accredited by the ACGME. Teaching and research, both clinical and basic science, in the field of hand and upper extremity surgery are constantly evolving at the center and contributing to the advancement of patient care.

Anatomy of the Hand

The hand is composed of many different bones, muscles, and ligaments that allow for a large amount of movement and dexterity. There are three major types of bones in the hand itself, including the following:

  • Phalanges. The 14 bones that are found in the fingers of each hand and also in the toes of each foot. Each finger has three phalanges (the distal, middle, and proximal); the thumb only has two.
  • Metacarpal bones. The five bones that compose the middle part of the hand.
  • Carpal bones. The eight bones that create the wrist. The carpal bones are connected to two bones of the arm--the ulnar bone and the radius bone.

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