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Patients at the INTEGRIS Hand and Microsurgery Center are provided a full spectrum of state-of-the-art care of hand and upper-extremity surgery for acute injuries, post-traumatic reconstruction and chronic diseases.

  • Acute traumatic injuries include fractures, dislocations, skin defects, ligament injuries, tendon lacerations, peripheral nerve and vessel injuries.
  • Post-traumatic reconstruction for all of the above injuries when chronic, and management of fracture nonunion, ligament instability, neglected tendon and nerve injuries.
  • Chronic non-traumatic conditions include compression neuropathies (carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel and thoracic outlet syndromes) arthritic conditions (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis), tumors (both bony and soft tissue as well as benign-ganglion cysts and inclusion cysts, and malignant), paralytic hand (cerebral palsy and tetraplegia), congenital hand and upper extremity anomalies, tendinitis (tennis elbow/lateral epicondylitis, De Quervain’s disease, trigger finger) and Dupuytren’s disease.

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