As the state’s largest Oklahoma-owned health system, INTEGRIS Health strives to improve the health of the people and communities it serves. INTEGRIS Health also recognizes the current challenges both physicians and hospitals face to provide the quality care patients deserve as health care in the United States moves rapidly toward an era of value-based payments.

With like goals in mind, INTEGRIS Health and a number of physician leaders in the community developed a new physician network known as INTEGRIS Health Partners. This physician network is governed by a board of directors, led primarily by physicians, and operates for the explicit purpose of implementing a clinical integration program. Its sole focus is controlling costs and improving the quality of health care. INTEGRIS Health Partners pursues pay-for-performance arrangements with those who pay for health care, be it health plans or directly with employers. These pay-for-performance contractual arrangements provide the opportunity to financially recognize the physicians’ efforts to improve health care quality and efficiency.

INTEGRIS Health Partners is geographically spread across the metro Oklahoma City area and Enid and includes more than 1,000 employed and independent physicians. A large physician network creates collaboration and a closely aligned working relationship with primary care providers and specialists. Each provider works toward the same goal, to improve quality and reduce costs.

Interested physicians sign a Network Participation Agreement and collaborate with physician colleagues and INTEGRIS to develop a collection of initiatives that enhance the quality, service and cost-effectiveness of patient care. The physicians participating in the network collaborate within their specialties to identify and adopt specific clinical measures and best practice guidelines. Through the use of sophisticated software tools to capture and analyze clinical data relative to these quality measures, physicians are able to measure their individual performance and hold themselves and others accountable for compliance with the clinical initiatives, including disciplinary and remediation efforts. In return, participating physicians are eligible to obtain financial rewards for their clinical outcomes and cost control achievements, funded by contracted health plans and employers as well as INTEGRIS Health.

Participation in INTEGRIS Health Partners is completely voluntary and does not have any impact on the traditional medical staff structure. Participation in INTEGRIS Health Partners does not prevent physicians from entering into or maintaining existing managed care contracts with health plans.

INTEGRIS Health, committed to the best medical care possible, provided initial funding and personnel to assist in the implementation of INTEGRIS Health Partners to ensure that the network has the opportunity to demonstrate to the community and payers the program’s strength and long-term commitment.

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