IHP Diabetes Metrics

At the recommendation of the INTEGRIS Health Partners Performance Improvement Committee, the IHP Board approved the quality metrics surrounding diabetes care. The metrics were originally developed by a Diabetes Task Force comprised of John Muchmore, M.D., Fateh Elkhatib, M.D., and Charlie Bryant, M.D. The metrics focus on pre-diabetes and overt type II diabetes for adults. Guidelines have been developed for treatment and management of both groups of patients.

The pre-diabetes metric will focus on education. Participants wishing to fulfill their credit will either attend lecture provided by Dr. John Muchmore or watch the presentation online. Participants will have the opportunity to receive CME credit for their participation in this event.

The type II diabetes metric will require physicians to have their patient(s) obtain a second HbA1c if their patient’s original A1c is greater than or equal to 5.9%. All INTEGRIS Health employees will now have an A1c drawn as part of their lab work in the Employee Wellness Program. When patients come in for their wellness exam, physicians will have access to their A1c and will be required to follow the approved guidelines and make the appropriate medical decision with regards to their patient. A second A1c must be drawn before the end of the year for network physicians to earn their credit.

To summarize, the above information, network physicians will be evaluated by the following metrics for diabetic care:

  • Pre-diabetes Metric: (download guidelines)
    • Attend a presentation focused on the pre-diabetes screening and treatment guidelines developed by the Diabetes Task Force. The video will be made available on this site in late May.
    • Participating physicians will have the opportunity to receive CME credit for fulfillment of this metric.
  • Adult Type II Diabetes Metric: (download guidelines)
    • Patients with a HbA1c ≥ 5.9% will be required to obtain a second HbA1c by the end of the calendar year.
    • Network physicians will have access to the patient’s original A1c through the INTEGRIS Employee Wellness Program.

 If you have any questions or comments, please contact Bennett Geister at (405) 227-7956 or bennett.geister@integrisok.com.

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