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June 2013

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June 2013 Update

Inside this issue:

Letter from IHP President

Summer Symposium Follow-up

ED Notification

Practices Destroyed by Tornadoes

Pharmacy Committee Update

New IHP Physicians 
















Dear Colleagues,

If you don’t believe that healthcare is changing, then you haven’t been paying attention. Our two symposium speakers represented the major, non-government healthcare purchasers in the United States. Their message was loud and clear – Have good data and be able to prove quality if you want to do business with us. This is a new way of doing business in healthcare. Corporations are looking for value in their healthcare purchases. They are applying their usual business practices to this arena for the first time in history, and they are serious. They are looking for a quality-based, innovative, and efficient provider of medical services, and they are willing to pay more for a high-efficiency network to keep their employees healthy. Employers are realizing that cheaper is not better and the real savings are achieved by having a healthy workforce functioning at the top of their game. It is also important that their dependents are healthy, too, so Mom or Dad don’t have to miss work to take care of a sick kid. Population management has come of age.

IHP has the potential to be this type of provider in Oklahoma. We are working diligently to get to that level. We had success in the first year by doing basic care coordination and identifying our big utilizers to change the status quo. We now have the ability to measure and track our hospital and ER utilization in real time. This a powerful tool to direct intervention to the places it is needed most. We will communicate back to PCPs when their patients have been in the ER and/or leave the hospital. Only two of our IHP patients had three or more ER visits in the past six months. Believe me, that is a big change from years past.

Our ability to utilize data from the MedVentive Registry is getting more efficient every day. We are now generating the reports that help us manage our population. Is it a perfect system? No. There are significant challenges to extrapolate data from 89 different EMRs and several paper records. Our Care Coordination team is doing a superb job of getting useful and reliable data to us for review. We will now have regular reports of meaningful data to guide us.

Physicians will soon receive reports on how they are doing on the scorecard, plus which of their patients need further services. It is important to approach this type of transparency and feedback as a positive event and not a negative one. Our goal is to help everyone get better at the management of our patient population by providing the tools and education needed to accomplish that goal.

We will create a Primary Care Consortium and an Inpatient Care Consortium in the next few weeks to help drive this process. These groups will facilitate the education of our group, provide a venue to share ideas, and determine where we need to focus our efforts. We need to broaden the engagement of our members. Please answer the call to participate. Look for more information regarding these initiatives in the days ahead.

The newsletter covers a lot of useful topics. Please spend some time looking them over. You cannot afford NOT to be up-to-date on these issues.


Carl Raczkowski, M.D.
President, INTEGRIS Health Partners

Summer Symposium Follow-up

On Wednesday, June 5, more than 90 IHP professionals gathered to hear Paul Grundy M.D., share his expertise on how the Patient Centered Medical Home has the potential to transform health care in the United States. With an emphasis on collaboration among providers, he shed light on best practices for managing patient populations effectively and efficiently. All levels of providers working at the highest level of their licenses within their specialties have the potential to provide quality care at a reasonable rate.

We would love your feedback – What are your take-aways from this event? What’s the first thing you told your colleagues about the speaker, about his talk? How will what you learned impact the way you provide care? What questions do you have and how can IHP provide the answers? Let us know. Contact your provider relations consultant – Matt Henderson at matthew.henderson@integrisok.com or Deidre Horn at deidre.horn@integrisok.com.

ED Notification

Beginning July 1, 2013, IHP Care Coordination staff will begin sending faxed notifications to IHP primary care physicians when their patients have been discharged from the emergency room. The care coordinators will monitor emergency room visits from INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center, INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center, INTEGRIS Health Edmond, and INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital. The notification will contain the patient’s name and the date of the emergency room visit. If you have questions about the process, please contact IHP Care Coordination at 405-951-2504.

Practices Destroyed by Tornado

The offices of Keith Layne DO (14800 S Western Avenue) and Rodney Miles M.D. (713 I-35 Service Road) were both in the direct path of the May 20 tornado. Each practice was completely destroyed. Thankfully, all staff and patients were safe, with no serious injuries. Dr. Layne has relocated temporarily to SW 89th Street in Oklahoma City, while Dr. Miles is relocating to NW 12th Street in Moore. Several IHP physicians and groups answered the call for help shortly after learning of the physicians’ needs. Both Dr. Layne and Dr. Miles, and their staffs, are very grateful for the support they’ve received from their colleagues. We would like to give special recognition to those who have reached out: 

  • Cheng-Lun Soo M.D.
  • Oklahoma Foot and Ankle Associates
  • INTEGRIS Medical Group
  • INTEGRIS Family Care Norman
  • Dennis Parker M.D.
  • Dean Carpenter M.D.
  • J. Chris Carey M.D.

Update from the Pharmacy Committee

John Muchmore M.D. is now chairing the IHP Pharmacy Committee, with Michael Morgan M.D. serving as the vice chair. The committee welcomed Eric Dedeke M.D. as a new member. Dr. Dedeke has served on the P&T Committee at Tinker Air Force Base for several years. The committee reviewed letters directed to providers and to patient which will recommend medication exchanges that will save money for the patients and IHP. Please consider these exchanges carefully.

The committee recommends not using Simvastatin due to multiple drug interactions or Zolpidem due to multiple side effects. As everyone knows, the maximum dosage has been reduced to 5mg (6.25mg ER) for women, and the lower dosages are preferred.

Please review the following recommendations from the Pharmacy Committee:

  • Diovan/Benicar/Micardis/Edarbi - switch to irbesartan or losartan
  • Vytorin – switch to same dose atorvastatin
  • Liptruzet – switch to atorvastatin + Zetia (Zetia may require a prior authorization and is quite expensive)
  • Tricor – switch to fenofibrate 160mg to be taken with food
  • Fluoxetine 40mg – switch to Fluoxetine 20mg, two pills daily. It is much cheaper this way.
  • Synthroid/Levoxyl – switch to same dose levothyroxine (Evidence is that the generic is as good if not better than the branded)
  • Zolpidem ER – switch to zolpidem (As mentioned above, we recommend avoiding this drug. Consider switching patients to triazolam or temazepam.)

On a final note, IHP physicians should soon expect to receive data regarding their adherence to the formulary, as well as their individual generic utilization information.

New IHP Provider

Kimberly J. Fletcher DO, Obstetrics & Gynecology 


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