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October 2013

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October 2013 Update


Inside this Issue:

  • Letter from IHP President & Radio Interview
  • Earn 2013 Operational Credit Now: Videos Up
  • IHP Pharmacy Benefit Changing
  • IHP Pharmacy Committee Update
  • Asthma & Pneumonia Letters: Did you get yours?
  • IHP Doctors are OPEN
  • Talk With Your Doctor Campaign Launches  









Dear Colleagues,

Just having a team and a game plan is not enough to ensure success no matter how good you think you are. This was confirmed earlier this month in the annual Red River Rivalry. The OU Sooners thought they had it all going their way and laid an egg in the Cotton Bowl. All indications pointed to an OU victory: Better team, better coaches, Texas had struggled with “weak” opponents, Mack Brown had lost control etc., etc., etc. The Sooners thought they could just show up and all would be okay. They failed to execute, failed to adapt and got embarrassed.

IHP must guard against this kind of thinking as well. We have a great team, a great plan and significant indications of early success. Just showing up at the game will not be enough to get where we want to be. The healthcare landscape is changing daily. Old rules and prior successes are less relevant than ever. You and I must continue to be engaged and work hard to ensure victory in our endeavor.

You the physician will have to participate. There are many ways to do this:

  • Be on a committee or task force
  • Read the newsletter and visit our website. Look at our metrics
  • Look at your prescribing habits
  • Do the CME opportunities (our two symposiums are now online)
  • Pay attention to the changes in healthcare and educate yourself on how to deal with them
  • Be POSITIVE if at all possible about what we are doing
  • Be adaptable to new ways of thinking

We have been given a unique opportunity to influence the delivery of healthcare in our community via IHP. It will require hard work and a tenacious commitment to the task at hand. Change is not easy and frequently uncomfortable.

Soon, new inpatient and ambulatory initiatives will be rolled out. The success of these programs will be an important piece of our overall plan. I implore you to participate when they come out. We have most of what we need to be successful. The IHP Board is pushing hard to get the remainder of the tools we will need to win the game. Soon all will be in place and it will be up to the physicians of IHP to take the field and compete at a higher level. The preseason camp and easy, early season games are over. Going forward the stakes are higher. We must be ready to execute the plan and adapt to what we encounter. It’s game time.


Carl Raczkowski, M.D.
President, INTEGRIS Health Partners

*Hear Dr. Raczkowski talk about IHP and clinical integration during the OU Outreach Halftime Interview http://integrisok.com/health-partners .

Earn 2013 Operational Credit Now

 If you were unable to attend either of the 2013 IHP events, then you can now view videos of the speakers’ presentations and earn operational credit. Attending or viewing two events is one of our operational requirements to share in any savings that may be generated this year. View the videos and submit your name and office number to earn credit at http://integrisok.com/health-partners.

IHP Pharmacy Benefit Changing in 2014

 Beginning January 1, 2014, the INTEGRIS employee prescription benefit plan will be changing. Employees will receive a lower co-pay for utilizing the four ProHealth pharmacies -

  • INTEGRIS Edmond ProHealth Pharmacy
  • ICIO ProHealth Pharmacy
  • ProHealth Plaza Pharmacy (IBMC)
  • SMC Plaza Pharmacy

In addition to the four ProHealth pharmacies, members may utilize Wal-Mart and many other independent pharmacies. This will result in a significant number of transfers of prescriptions between pharmacies. The ProHealth pharmacies will handle most of these transfers via phone. The exception will be controlled substances. Controlled substance prescriptions may only be transferred once. In the event the prescription was already transferred, ProHealth will contact the prescriber for a new prescription.

Mail Order prescriptions will be serviced through ICIO ProHealth. ProHealth will receive an open refill transfer file from Express Scripts (Medco) at the end of business 12/31/2013. This will allow ProHealth to transfer prescriptions and utilize the remaining refills. The only exception to this will be controlled substances. All controlled substances will require new prescriptions. The ProHealth pharmacies will contact the prescriber for new prescriptions for these medications.

If patients would like prescriptions mailed, enter in the comment section on the screen the words “Mail Out” to signify this preference. ICIO ProHealth pharmacy will be listed in e-prescribing software under Retail pharmacies rather than under Mail Order Pharmacies in the pharmacy selection area. Send the prescriptions to ICIO ProHealth. Where no pharmacy is indicated for mail-out prescriptions, ICIO ProHealth will contact patients to insure we deliver the prescription as desired by the patient. For questions please contact ICIO ProHealth at 405-773-2300 or toll free at 855-541-2300. Mail Prescription Order Forms will be available online by mid-November.

IHP Pharmacy Committee Update

Drug interchange recommendations for October:

  • Elocon Cream – The task force is recommending mometasone furoate cream instead of Elocon Cream.
  • Retin-A Gel – The task force is recommending tretinoin gel instead of Retin-A gel.
  • Flomax – The task force is recommending tamsulosin instead of Flomax.


Asthma & Pneumonia Letters: Did you get yours?

IHP Care Coordination recently mailed letters to PCP’s detailing their current quality scores for two of our patient care guidelines – Annual Asthma Assessment and Pneumonia Immunization. As many of you are aware, IHP utilizes an online database to track patients’ compliance with health recommendations for their age, gender, and certain chronic conditions. The database is called MedVentive, and it is claims-driven. It cannot pull data from an EMR. We get claims data from our claims administrator, and that information is fed electronically into MedVentive to populate patient information. If any of the data we track does not have associated claims, then we have to gather that data from other sources. Also, our network is still relatively new. Procedures or immunizations that occurred before the creation of IHP may not be in MedVentive. We are working diligently to improve our data in order to prove that we provide quality care to our patients. In order to do that, we are asking for help from you.

If you received Asthma Assessment and Pneumonia Immunization reports listing non-compliant patients, then could you please provide us with the following information?

  • Asthma Assessment – Most recent documented date of assessment of asthma severity. Our metric requires an annual assessment. If the patient has persistent asthma, please provide the name of the medication prescribed and the prescription date.
  • Pneumonia Immunization – Date of pneumonia immunization. IHP recommends immunization for patients age 65+.

You may write the dates on your lists and fax them to Care Coordination at 405-552-0839, send an email with the information to ann.white@integrisok.com, or contact your Provider Relations Consultant, Matt Henderson at 405-593-9850 or Deidre Horn at 405-550-3499 to pick up the data. IHP staff will enter the information into MedVentive for you. For questions or additional information, please call care coordination at 405-951-2504.

IHP Doctors are OPEN to IHP Patients

Beginning in November, INTEGRIS metro employees will have the opportunity to sign up for 2014 health benefits. During benefit enrollment, they will be required to choose primary care physicians for themselves and their covered dependents from among the current list of IHP doctors. As a reminder, all IHP physicians are required to accept new IHP patients. In addition, we have active members in the Coventry HMO, INTEGRIS Health Partners. All of these patients are required to select PCPs.

If you would like to share with us the details of your scope of practice in order for patients to make more informed selections, then please complete the online Find a Doctor profile available at http://integrisok.com/profile. Completing this profile is especially important if you are actively seeking new patients and have the capacity to do so.

“Talk With Your Doctor” Campaign Launches

 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust, and the Oklahoma State Department of Health recently announced a partnership with Oklahoma physician groups on the “Talk With Your Doctor” smoking cessation campaign (press release attached). For 2013 IHP has included in its metrics an annual requirement to document tobacco use for all patients 18 and older. Our Tobacco Treatment System Coordinator, Kim Olson, is available to share cessation resource referral tools and tobacco cessation counseling coding education. You may reach her at 405-951-2921 or Kimbra.Olson@integrisok.com . 


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