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The INTEGRIS Heart Hospital is a hospital within a hospital. Conveniently located within INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City, more than 168 beds comprise the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital. The INTEGRIS Heart Hospital is the largest and most comprehensive Oklahoma heart hospital, providing services from heart scan capabilities to cardiac catheterization to open heart surgery to heart transplantation for Oklahoma City residents, and patients from across Oklahoma. The Heart Hospital and the INTEGRIS Cardiovascular Physicians are focused on delivering the highest quality of cardiac services.

Dr. Mel Clark, INTEGRIS Heart Hospital president, discusses the importance of our rural clinics.

Know the Symptoms

Time is muscle when you’re having a heart attack. The longer it takes to start treatment the more damage is done and the less likely you are to survive. That’s why it’s imperative to seek the fastest care possible.

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Oklahoma Cardiology Clinics

Our heart program doesn't end in the hospital setting--it also reaches out to Oklahoma's communities by offering the finest in cardiology care from some of the finest cardiologists in Oklahoma.

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About INTEGRIS Heart Hospital in Oklahoma City

About Us

Our heart program doesn't end in the hospital setting – it also reaches out to Oklahoma's communities. From a few outreach clinics in 2000 to more than 26 outreach clinics spread across Oklahoma in 2010, the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital recognizes the importance and need to respond quickly when communities need heart care. Although based in OKC, the Heart Hospital also recognizes the convenience these 26 clinics provide to patient's family members and the comfort a patient receives from meeting one of our cardiac physicians on their 'home' ground.

Information for heart patients in Oklahoma City

Patient Information

If you're headed to one of our Oklahoma heart facilities, we want to make sure your visit is easy and stress free. Visit the following links for information such as:

INTEGRIS Heart Hospital Specialties


Patients with suspected cardiac disease or vascular disorders may receive many types of diagnostic cardiac exams at INTEGRIS Heart Hospital. Bellow are some of our specialties:

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