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2308 W. Hwy 66
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Battling Heart Disease in Stroud, OK

Cardiovascular disease remains the #1 killer in the U.S., claiming more lives than other major causes of death. And Oklahoma ranks second with the highest death rate for total cardiovascular disease - the combination of coronary heart disease and stroke. Oklahoma’s many rural communities have struggled to gain access to world-class cardiovascular care in the past. INTEGRIS is committed to bringing the finest care to Oklahoma communities.

That's why cardiologist Dr. Steven Reiter travels to Stroud, Okla. As an INTEGRIS Heart Hospital physician, he offers Stroud residents expert heart care at a convenient local cardiology clinic. Receive treatment and advice from an expert cardiologist where you need it most - close to home.

As part of the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital network, our Stroud cardiologist has access to the state-of-the-art equipment and our full line of cardiology services including:

 •  Diagnostic and Imaging Services   •  Interventional Care  •  Cardiac Rehabilitation
 •  Electrophysiology  •  Heart Surgery  •  Disease Management 
 •  Heart Failure  •  Valve Repair and Replacement  •  Stroke Care

Steven Reiter, M.D.

Steven Reiter, M.D.

Cardiovascular Diseases
Interventional Cardiology

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