Disease Management

The goal of the INTEGRIS Anticoagulation Clinics is to optimize anticoagulation effectiveness while minimizing patient risks. We provide management and monitoring of anticoagulation therapy with a primary focus on warfarin (Coumadin®) therapy. The clinics provide focused patient assessment and education visits targeting areas of adherence, drug interactions, dietary considerations, bleeding, and thrombosis. Laboratory (INR) testing is done by finger stick with the CoaguChek XS device. This allows for quick feedback on the patient’s response to warfarin and immediate instructions for warfarin adjustments. The clinic works in collaboration with the referring physician to provide optimal patient outcomes, while minimizing physician time spent on providing routine monitoring. The clinic operates according to medical-director approved protocols and guidelines and in collaboration with the patient’s personal physician (referring physician). The referring physician is provided routine communication on patient progress throughout their care in the clinic.

The INTEGRIS Baptist Anticoagulation was established in January 1998. The clinic expanded to INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center in October 2003. The two INTEGRIS Anticoagulation Clinics provide services to more than 900 anticoagulated patients.

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