How much will I pay for hospice care?

As one of the few non-profit hospice programs in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, INTEGRIS Hospice believes that dealing with of the end of one’s life in a dignified and comfortable manner should be available to everyone, regardless of his or her financial situation.

How much does hospice cost?

Cost associated with hospice care varies widely. It depends on the length of care and level of care needed.

At INTEGRIS Hospice we have an obligation to bill all patients for the services we offer, regardless of the patient’s health care insurance coverage. Even if the patient has no health care insurance or is under-insured, a bill is sent out for Hospice. If the patient has limited or no coverage for Hospice, hospice staff will complete a financial assessment to determine their potential eligibility for financial aid and/or charity care.

Does my insurance pay for hospice care?

Patients eligible for Medicare hospice benefits receive Hospice, drugs, medical equipment and supplies, and respite care. However, most health insurance policies now include hospice benefits.

Care is provided based on need, regardless of the patient's insurance or ability to pay.

Hospice care is covered under Medicare Part A. If the patient has Medicare A, he or she may be eligible. A hospice staff person will help determine eligibility. If the Medicare hospice benefit is elected, the following will be covered as long as these items or services are related to hospice illness, authorized by the hospice provider as palliative care part of the plan of care, or obtained through an approved contracting provider:

  • Intermittent home visits by the hospice staff
  • Medications
  • Supplies
  • Medical equipment
  • Short-term respite in a nursing home/hospital
  • Lab tests related to the terminal illness
  • Outpatient procedures to alleviate symptoms
  • Hospitalizations for symptom management

If the patient has private insurance, INTEGRIS Hospice will verify whether she or he has hospice coverage and its scope. If the patient has two insurance policies, please inform your hospice team so they can coordinate and maximize the coverage.

We will bill you for the following items: co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles. Payment plans are always available through the hospice business office.

Office visits to see your primary physician are covered under the Medicare hospice benefit. If the patient’s insurance is primary and includes a co-pay for the office visit, you are responsible to pay this fee.

If you access care without consulting your hospice team, neither Hospice nor Medicare will be responsible for the charges associated with the care the patient was given.

If the patient decides to change to a curative approach, the Medicare hospice benefit will switch to their regular Medicare benefit. If the patient returns to a comfort-oriented mode of treatment, she or he can receive hospice care again.

If you are concerned about how much hospice care may cost, or about insurance coverage, please contact us today at 405-848-8884.

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