INTEGRIS Health Edmond is designed with the focus of enhancing the patient and visitor experience. INTEGRIS Health utilizes evidence-based design that "create environments that are therapeutic, supportive of family involvement, efficient for staff performance and restorative to workers under stress,” according to the Center for Health Design.

Special features of the new hospital include the following:

  • Single patient rooms that maximize patient privacy and provide hotel-like amenities such as:
    • Wireless Internet access
    • Various patient control options
    • Temperature control systems
    • Room service dining
    • Oversized windows
    • Noise reducing features
    • Natural lighting
  • A light-filled atrium entrance that incorporates external landscaping and welcomes visitors into a comfortable and healing environment.
  • Clear and convenient way-finding options including the guiding of visitors throughout the hospital.
  • Spacious and state of the art operating rooms that can be updated with the latest technological advancements. 
  • In room electronic medical record capabilities that enable nurses to remain closer to patients.
  • Hotel-like amenities
  • Extra large windows in patient rooms for natural light and access to beautiful vistas.
  • Lighting and controls that allow for variation in day and night lighting characteristics to emulate Circadian Rhythm.
  • A room layout with designated caregiver area, patient area and family / visitor area.
  • A designated sink in the front entrance of the patient room to enhance the ease of hand washing for all caregivers / visitors.
  • Open air spaces and natural landscapes to improve stress reduction and encourage relaxation.

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