Going Green

With an eye toward energy efficiency and environmental conservation, INTEGRIS Health Edmond is being built as “GREEN” as possible. Green hospital construction incorporates environmentally sensitive features and construction techniques that help minimize the hospital's impact to the environment. Example areas of consideration in the new design include the following:

  • Incorporate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design concepts.
  • Include Green Guidelines for Healthcare.
  • Utilize wind energy from Edmond Electric (wind power supplied by Oklahoma Wind Energy Center).
  • Reduce site light pollution and provide a percentage of solar powered lights.
  • Reduce potable water use through low-flow fixtures.
  • Strive to optimize energy performance.
  • Select “Energy Star” medical equipment.
  • Provide an on-site recycling program.
  • Include tree preserves on the 45 acre site.
  • Provide parking area for walking trails.
  • Participate in Dell Computer "Plant a Tree" program.

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