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November 2014



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November 2014 Update

Inside this issue:

Letter from IHP President

2014 Network Performance Metrics

Epic Validation Sessions

New Executive Assistant

Transition from MedVentive/McKesson to WebTPA/Verisk

P&T Committee Recommendations


Dear Colleagues,

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of 2014. We are square in the middle of the yearly mad dash to get everything done before the end of the year. Time seems to accelerate and it feels that there is not enough time in a day to take care of everyone’s needs, including our own. The pressure is even more intense this year and you get a sense that people are desperate. Who can blame them? The coming year will be one of higher deductibles, hard-to-interpret benefits, providers going in and out of networks and more people covered on the exchanges. As people enroll in insurance plans for 2015, they are discovering several disturbing trends. The deductibles, co-pays, exclusions and premiums are increasing while the benefits and options are decreasing. Deductibles are increasing in many plans to nearly $10,000.

This has changed the way people shop for their care. They want value for their health care purchase. INTEGRIS Health Partners is positioning itself to play an important role in this new reality. We will be the high-quality, efficient and affordable choice for care. We have proven the concept through the success we have achieved with the management of the INTEGRIS employee health care plan. We delivered care of high quality at a lower cost and have the data to back it up. INTEGRIS Health Partners is actively pursuing similar opportunities in the commercial arena. We have several negotiations in progress to increase the number of covered lives under INTEGRIS Health Partners management. Our success has been noted and others are approaching us to consider partnerships with our network.

Continued commitment to quality and patient-centered care is the key to our success. Please take advantage of the educational opportunities offered by INTEGRIS Health Partners. They help you complete your metrics and make us all better at what we do. Metrics for 2014 must be completed by Dec. 31, 2014. Don’t let that date sneak up on you. Details are in this newsletter and in the INTEGRIS Health Partners ONEMail sent Nov. 7.

I have had the privilege to represent INTEGRIS Health Partners at many meetings and events recently, including at the INTEGRIS board retreat. You should be proud that INTEGRIS Health Partners is an important member of the INTEGRIS family. Many have remarked that the increased physician engagement via INTEGRIS Health Partners has been a great benefit to everyone. Physician involvement and integration is at an all-time high. The ability to have cooperation between the INTEGRIS system and the medical staff, whether employed or independent, is powerful.

Please remain interested and engaged. Everyone wins when we work together, especially our patients.


Carl Raczkowski, M.D.
President, INTEGRIS Health Partners

2014 Network Performance Metrics

Fifty percent of annual savings is distributed to the INTEGRIS Health Partners bonus pool. In order to receive the full share of savings, physicians must complete the following by December 31, 2014


Primary Care Physicians

  • 50% of bonus: complete educational opportunity sponsored by INTEGRIS Health Partners. This training opportunity is a one-hour video over Population Health Management and is available online now.
  • 50% of bonus: meet clinical performance targets

o   12.5%: Generic drug utilization ≥ 75% (current = 79.4%)

o   12.5%: Diabetes: ≥ 83% of patients with annual HgA1c testing (current = 91.2%)

o   12.5%: Colon cancer screening ≥ 63.2% (current = 58.8%)

o   12.5%: Completion of INTEGRIS Health Partners online physician satisfaction survey


Specialty Care Physicians

  • 25% of bonus: complete the training opportunity listed above or attend one of the Clinical Documentation Improvement sessions. New sessions are scheduled now.
  • 75% of bonus: meet clinical performance targets

o   12.5%: Generic drug utilization ≥ 75% (current = 79.4%)

o   12.5%: Dictated discharge summary within 48 hours ≥ 50% (current = 85%)

o   25%: Timely response to Clinical Documentation Improvement queries ≥ 80%

o   25%: Completion of INTEGRIS Health Partners online physician satisfaction survey


Enid Physicians

  • Complete educational opportunity sponsored by INTEGRIS Health Partners by either viewing a one-hour video over Population Health Management or attending a Clinical Documentation Improvement session. New sessions are scheduled now.
  • Meet the group clinical performance target for Generic Drug Utilization of >75%

Questions? INTEGRIS Health Partners Administration 405-713-4476 INTEGRISHealthPartners@integrisok.com  

Epic Validation Sessions Scheduled: Physician Input Needed

A significant milestone in the transition to Epic, called validation sessions, is coming up relatively quickly. A number of team members from all INTEGRIS facilities will participate in the validation sessions. These team members will represent a cross section of people from a wide range of care settings and service lines who will serve as subject matter experts regarding INTEGRIS workflows and operations. It is during these sessions that Epic leaders will make recommendations (based on their site visit observations in November). Our INTEGRIS subject matter experts will vote whether or not to accept the recommendations.

The validation sessions are scheduled for the dates listed below. For the daily schedule and locations, please visit the Epic transition page. Physician input is needed!

  • December 9 - 12, 2014
  • January 6 - 9, 2015
  • January 27 - 30, 2015

If you are interested, then please contact Sheryl Bushman DO, Epic Physician Executive, at sheryl.bushman@integrisok.com.

New INTEGRIS Health Partners Executive Assistant

Please welcome the new INTEGRIS Health Partners executive assistant, Mindy Eggleston. Mindy was born and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma before moving to Oklahoma City in 1980. She has one child, Colin, who is an OSU computer science graduate working for Chesapeake. Prior to joining the INTEGRIS Foundation seven years ago, Mindy spent several years at BancFirst. Mindy enjoys cheering for the Thunder, home-decorating and cooking, and anything chocolate. Mindy can be reached in the administrative offices at mindy.eggleston@integrisok.com or 405-713-4476.

Transition from MedVentive/McKesson to WebTPA/Verisk

Beginning January 1, 2015, INTEGRIS Health Partners will transition from MedVentive/McKesson to WebTPA/Verisk to track and manage patient compliance with clinical metrics. We will bring the data from MedVentive/McKesson by merging it  into the WebTPA/Verisk system. INTEGRIS Health Partners staff access the data and share with physicians.

P&T Committee Recommendations

  • INTEGRIS Health Partners physicians are meeting the generic prescribing metric in both Enid and the metro.
  • Nexium continues to be over-utilized.
  • Crestor 20 mg and up is a step edit.
  • In 2015, payment for branded medications when a generic is available will fall to the patient with the patient paying the difference.





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