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The INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center Orthopedic Center in Oklahoma City was ranked high-performing in U.S. News & World Report Annual Hospital Ranking for 2012.

For most people, having a joint replacement (orthopedic) operation is a scary ordeal and means an extended stay in the hospital. At the INTEGRIS Joint Replacement Center in Oklahoma City we've kept pace with the great strides being made in joint replacement surgery, enabling us to reduce bone and joint hospital stays.

Living with a worn or injured hip bone or knee joint can be painful and frustrating. You may find yourself doing less and less. In time, even simple things - like walking through a grocery store or getting up from a chair - may cause you pain. In many cases, an orthopedic surgeon can replace your problem joint and improve bone-related discomfort. For most people, having a total joint replacement means a return to pain-free movement.


About the INTEGRIS Joint Replacement Center

About Us

The INTEGRIS Joint Replacement Center at Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City has a special unit dedicated to knee and hip replacement patients. Our bone and joint team includes physicians, nurses, orthopedic technicians, and physical and occupational therapists specializing in total joint care. Every detail, from pre-operative teaching to post-operative exercising, is considered and reviewed with you.

Cars and concerns about INTEGRIS Joint Replacement Center

Cares and Concerns

We know you have concerns when it comes to joint pain and the potential for surgery. You probably have questions on joint pain or how to handle pain management. Visit the following links for information.

Answers to Joint Pain

Pain Management

Blood Transfusions


Moving and Physical Activity

INTEGRIS Joint Replacement Center Services, Oklahoma City OK


Learn more about the what having a joint replacement means and what services we offer.

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