Men's Health University

On average, men in the United States die six years younger than women and have higher death rates for all 15 leading causes of death. Getting men to schedule annual check-ups is at best like pulling teeth. The alpha-male is taught from an early age that their individual health is not a main concern. The hunter/gatherer looks to take care of the family first, although by overlooking their own health they are doing the family a disservice. In general, men have been taught to ignore pain. Men usually delay or avoid seeking medical attention even when they know something could be wrong.

That's why INTEGRIS Health has developed Men's Health University.

About Men-U

Men-U is a series of events that takes place throughout the year designed to educate men and their loved ones on the importance of men taking care of their health. Health checks such as cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, and prostate cancer screenings are featured. Physician presentations on health issues for men as well as information booths and entertainment are provided.

The Men-U events held during the past five years were all a huge success in educating men on specific health issues, providing free health screenings and referring men to primary care physicians for follow-up.

Empowering men with information is an important first step to improving their overall health and longevity. These events will be a great way for men to learn about health care issues in a fun, supportive environment.

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