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We all want to live well but odds are, through the years we will find ourselves struggling with issues too large to handle on our own. Stress, anxiety, addiction, divorce, grief, illness, family problems … some days it can seem as if we will never “live well” again.

When these days come, you may need help. Knowing how to cope with life’s down side doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes the depression is too deep, the anxiety too strong, the grief too overwhelming to handle on your own. When drugs or alcohol are involved, judgment can be impaired. You can find yourself feeling out of control, wondering if you’ll ever get your life back.

Deaconess at Bethany Can Help
Inpatient treatment programs are available in a hospital setting for people who are struggling with emotional or mental health concerns. Substance abuse and co-occurring disorders can also be addressed through medical detoxification.

These programs rely on an interdisciplinary approach that includes physicians, nursing staff, licensed therapists and other mental health professionals, always with a focus on individualized, short-term care. Services are provided in an atmosphere sensitive to diverse populations.

Senior Diagnostic Services

Changing With the Years
Every day of life should be lived fully. But the changes that come with aging can be challenging, making it difficult to enjoy life – not only for those who are growing older, but also for those charged with their care.

As Art Linkletter once said, “old age isn’t for sissies.” For some, the reality of coping with these challenges becomes overwhelming. Anxiety, depression, grief, anger, frustration, substance abuse, medication side effects, confusion and memory loss are all too common.

senior couple with child smilingSenior Diagnostic Center Can Help
At the Deaconess at Bethany Senior Diagnostic Center, we are committed to helping families cope with the behavioral and emotional challenges of aging. We focus exclusively on older individuals experiencing functional decline related to bouts of confusion, memory impairment and irrational or unexplained behavior.

Patients receive a comprehensive evaluation including a physician directed medical assessment and review of medications. The evaluation further addresses physical, emotional and cognitive issues and appropriate treatment is provided for related behavioral problems.

Through testing and assessment, a determination is made how to best assist the patient to improve functioning both at home and in social settings. Our treatment team works closely with patients, family members and caregivers to provide resources for relevant aftercare.

Our Services
Deaconess at Bethany treatment programs will help you …

  • Understand your symptoms
  • Explore the causes of your disorder
  • Learn techniques for reducing stress and managing your responses to your illness
  • Regain positive control of your life.
Deaconess at Bethany accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance as well as private pay. Payment is contingent upon medical necessity.

woman sadOur Staff
Deaconess at Bethany mental health professionals include psychiatrists, nurses and licensed therapists with training in treatment of mental health and addictive disorders, all with extensive experience in their specialties.

Tell Your Physician If …
  • you have trouble functioning
  • you can’t think straight or make decisions
  • you’ve gained or lost weight as a result of your situation
  • you have trouble sleeping or you sleep too much
  • you’re using drugs or alcohol to cope
  • you’re angry or sad almost all of the time
  • you’ve limited where you go or what you do
  • you experience sudden mental or behavioral changes
  • you don’t enjoy life.
Family physicians and other primary care providers are often the first to recognize the symptoms of stress overload, anxiety disorders, depression and substance abuse. An estimated seven out of 10 office visits are for stress or anxiety-related complaints.

Patients at particular risk include those who have …
  • experienced significant trauma (accidents, violence)
  • been diagnosed with a chronic illness or have chronic pain
  • had a recent significant health challenge (heart surgery, cancer)
  • experienced major life changes (death, divorce, family or financial difficulties)
  • symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, insomnia, aches or pains
  • headaches, muscle tension, lethargy/fatigue with no readily identifiable underlying medical condition.
Left untreated, these conditions not only affect the patient’s quality of life, but also can significantly impact a patient’s physical health.

Deaconess Hospital and INTEGRIS Mental Health have worked collaboratively for more than 20 years to provide inpatient mental health and detoxification services for the adult and geriatric populations. These services have been located at the Deaconess at Bethany campus since the year 2000.

Through this affiliation we are able to provide exceptional, comprehensive care to Oklahomans with mental health and addictive disorders.

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