INTEGRIS has given NAMI Oklahoma the ability to reach ALL Oklahomans who are affected by mental illness by giving access to the telehealth system. People who live in rural areas often do not have access to the education, support and advocacy needed to navigate the mental health system. I am talking about children, adults, family members, teachers, employers and community members. NAMI Oklahoma offers these services FREE to anyone in need; and INTEGRIS telehealth gives us the ability to reach thousands of people across our state.

So why do we call it the NOISE Network?

NAMI Oklahoma, affiliates and anyone affected by mental illness MUST start making some NOISE about mental illness. "NOISE" or NAMI Oklahoma Interactive Support and Education is the heart and soul of our agency. It's time to talk about mental illness. When people are educated about an issue, they can make informed decisions. Those decisions improve lives, from every day living to state legislation. It's NAMI Oklahoma's job to be the voice of the people on mental illness. INTEGRIS has given us the NOISE Network so that we can reach more people and change more lives. NAMI Oklahoma is incredibly grateful for this amazing gift. For more information on NAMI Oklahoma visit their website at

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