Mission, Vision and Values


To improve the health of the people and communities we serve.

Caring for our patients is our top priority. As the largest health care system in Oklahoma, we feel it's our responsibility to improve the health of the citizens of our great state. But we learned a long time ago that we can’t fully care for our community by staying exclusively within the walls of our facilities.

That’s why “returnship” is such an important part of our philosophy. What is returnship? It’s giving back part of ourselves to the communities we serve.

At INTEGRIS, the physicians, employees and volunteers take their education and skills into the community to make a difference in the lives of fellow Oklahomans. Their dedication, combined with our resources, helps accomplish a variety of things – from providing free clinical services, screenings and education programs to working with juvenile offenders and providing activities for senior citizens.

We also realize that the health of a community isn’t just physical and mental – it’s economic and spiritual as well. That’s why we offer a myriad of programs that address all of these important issues.


Most Trusted Name in Health Care

When INTEGRIS decided to develop a vision statement for the organization, we wanted feedback from our most valuable commodity - our employees. More than 1,500 INTEGRIS employees were involved in discussions or surveys to develop our vision.

We feel it says a lot about who we are – we value trust as a guiding principle – and we aspire to be recognized for that. It is a big Vision, but it is also a very personal one too. From front-line to physician, from management to medicine, each of our employees can – and must – resolve to be most-trusted day-in and day-out in our given areas of responsibility. It is a commitment to one another as well.

This Vision is not defined by geography, nor does it define a local or even national competitor. It says simply, INTEGRIS: Most Trusted Name in Health Care.


Love, Learn and Lead

INTEGRIS’ values can be identified by three simple but very powerful concepts of Love, Learn and Lead. INTEGRIS employees not only truly believe in these values, they exhibit them in their daily work lives. INTEGRIS employees are also accountable for these values as they are an integral part of the annual review process for each and every individual who works here.

INTEGRIS Values: Love, Learn and Lead

Our values are simple and straightforward. They define the INTEGRIS name.


INTEGRIS Value Statements


I will be kind, friendly, and offer a smile.

I will be patient and forgiving.

I will develop relationships to promote a positive team environment:

  • By thinking the best of people and their intentions.
  • By not participating in gossip.

I will be humble in my words and actions.

I will show empathy:

  • By focusing on others’ perspectives before offering my own.
  • By showing compassion when responding to the feelings of others.
  • By tending to the emotional elements of what I hear.

I will communicate effectively, appropriately, and respectfully:

  • By using the model of AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, Thanks).
  • By using helpful telephone etiquette.
  • By my tone of voice, eye-contact, body language, and professionalism.
  • By mindful sharing of my own story and personal information.

I will put others first.


I will actively seek out development opportunities.

I will seek out and support new ideas.

I will be present and listen actively to others.

I will be open to accepting feedback.

I will take the time to think things through.

I will embrace change and improve everyday.

I will give feedback respectfully and share knowledge with others.


I will demonstrate integrity, honesty, and courage.

I will be positive and flexible in any situation.

I will take ownership and proactively go the extra mile.

I will advocate for and speak highly of others.

I will be accountable to myself and others:

  • By being responsive.
  • By showing support and encouragement.
  • By being approachable.

I will support a healing environment:

  • By keeping our campuses clean.
  • By ensuring quiet surroundings.
  • By contributing to a culture of safety.

I will seek out and support those who appear lost or need help.

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