Pancreas Transplant Life Expectancy Statistics & Survival Rate

National Pancreas Transplant Life Expectancy Statistics

In recent years there have been noticeable improvements in national pancreas transplant success rates, most noticeably in preventing early graft loss and thrombosis. The hope is that these improvements will translate into longer life expectancy and better pancreas transplant survival rates in the long term. That has certainly been the trend over the past decades as borne out by the statistics.

  • The national 6-month pancreas after kidney (PAK) transplant survival rate increased from 82.2% in 2008 to 88.2% in 2009.
  • The national 1 year pancreas transplant alone (PTA) survival rate was 75.4% in 2008
  • The national 5 year pancreas transplant alone (PTA) survival rate was 48.3% in 2004.


The number of patients alive with a currently functioning pancreas transplant more than doubled from 4,726 in 1998 to 9,725 on 2008.

*pancreas transplant life expectancy statistics and pancreas transplant survival rate data courtesy of the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients.

Our Pancreas Transplant Survival Rate Statistics:

We regularly exceed the national average for pancreas transplant survival rates:

  • 96% 1 year pancreas transplant survival rate
  • 94% 3 year pancreas transplant survival rate
  • Average length of stay across all transplants of 6 days. 4 days less than the national average
    *Transplant survival rates through June 30, 2010

We Have Some of the Best Transplant Survival Rates in the US

An analysis of the 1997 report published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services shows that among the 32 centers (of 99 total centers) that exceeded 60 transplants in the report's most recent two-year interval, Nazhi Zuhdi Transplant Institute in Oklahoma City ranked:

  • 4th in the US in actual one-year survival (90 percent)
  • 6th in the US in disease-severity-adjusted one-year survival.

Our current one-, two-, three- and five-year transplant survivals are 89 percent, 86 percent, 83 percent and 75 percent. Liver transplant patients are referred to us from across the US, especially from surrounding states including: Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, Nebraska and Louisiana.

Survival Rates for Other INTEGRIS Transplants

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