Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - Personal Amplifier Listening Devices Available to Patients at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center

OKLAHOMA CITY – The INTEGRIS Cochlear Implant Clinic changes lives every day with state-of-the-art hearing devices and implant technology. Patients with hearing loss at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center now have the opportunity to use personal amplifier listening devices to aid them in better understanding their health care team during their hospital stay.

The Williams Sound Pocketalker is a simple, compact listening device that patients can use during their hospital stay for hearing help during conversations with physicians, nurses and family members. The Pocketalker amplifies sound clearly and easily for better understanding. It is ideal for one-on-one conversations, TV listening, and for visiting with small groups such as care team and family members. It features an external microphone that boosts only the closest immediate sound source in the room. This eliminates unwanted background noise, which makes it perfect for use in a hospital room.

The Pocketalker can be used with a variety of available earphones and headphones, or for optimal performance it can be used with a neckloop and a telecoil-equipped hearing aid. The volume can easily be adjusted to maximize hearing, so the patient never has to worry about missing a word; they will be active participants in their health care decision making process.

The personal amplifier devices are available to patients during their hospital stay due to the generosity of INTEGRIS Health employees who chose to donate to the “Passion for Hearing” campaign conducted through the INTEGRIS Health You & I employee giving initiative of the INTEGRIS Health Foundation.

The Hough Ear Institute, founded by Jack Hough, M.D., is a non-profit research, education and humanitarian institute dedicated to improving hearing and balance to people worldwide.

Since 1979, the INTEGRIS Cochlear Implant Clinic at the Hough Ear Institute has given new hope for adults and children who have hearing loss by providing state-of-the-art surgery of high tech implantable hearing devices and rehabilitation. INTEGRIS Cochlear Implant Clinic is dedicated to teaching hearing impaired children and adults to listen and to speak, and to give the gift of communication to those who would otherwise not know it.

For more information on the pocketalkers or a hearing evaluation, please call the INTEGRIS Cochlear Implant Clinic at 405-947-6030 for an appointment.

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