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Best Ranked Oklahoma City Orthopedic HospitalAny orthopedic procedure can be daunting, none less-so than those involving the spine, neck and back. The spine plays such a crucial role in supporting the body's weight, that, when compromised, the pain can be unbearable, and movement can be restricted, or even impossible.

For people with spinal injuries or disorders, both non-surgical and surgical treatments are available. At INTEGRIS Orthopedics in Oklahoma City we provide tools and specialties to help those suffering from spine, back and neck pain. Our spine hospital services are comprehensive and integrated, meaning that you get the best care from across our network of orthopedic doctors, orthopedic surgeons and specialist centers.

Together We're Strongers

By drawing on our specialist centers for care, your INTEGRIS spine care team can offer you a broad range of treatments with the best possible outcomes.

INTEGRIS Orthopedics Center

INTEGRIS Joint Replacement

Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation

INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Orthopedics in Enid, OK

Our care is available to adults and children and our goal is to work closely with you to develop a treatment plan to best correct your spinal health, allowing you to resume a normal lifestyle.

National Recognition

The INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center Orthopedic Center in Oklahoma City was ranked high-performing in U.S. News & World Report Annual Hospital Ranking for 2012. 

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