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Get stronger TOGETHER with fitness classes at PACER Fitness Center

With more than 100 fitness classes a week, you can reach your health and fitness goals in no time at PACER Fitness Center in Oklahoma City. Being part of the pack in an exercise class helps you get maximum fitness results while having fun – and the group setting amps up your motivation.

PACER Fitness Center offers cardio and aerobic fitness classes to meet the needs of each member's level of fitness. Classes like yoga and Pilates will build your flexibility and stamina. We also offer a number of senior fitness classes.

Each of our fitness and group exercise rooms features dual balance bars, mirrored walls, hand and ankle weights, resistance bands, steps and floor mats. All fitness classes are 50 minutes in length unless otherwise indicated.

INTEGRIS PACER Fitness Classes

BODY COMBAT: Check out this fun and challenging class designed to build muscular endurance and burn fat. It targets all major muscle groups and increases your heart rate for an outstanding, all around workout. A variety of equipment is used.

CARDIO FUSION: This class is a lively mix of floor aerobics, step, weights, core strength training and stretching. Suitable for a variety of age groups.

CYCLE: A stationary bike workout geared to challenge your mind and body. Control your own intensity level by using strength (resistance) and speed (cadence). Come ready to sweat! Bring water and a towel.

KICKBOXING: Learn basic kickboxing techniques originating from martial arts moves to provide aerobic and strength exercise. Gloves are recommended.

CARDIO CIRCUIT EXPRESS: Get your heart rate up in a hurry in this 30-minute class. Get in! Get out! Get fit!

H.I.T.I.T.: High Intensity Times Interval Training begins with a short burst of maximum effort exercise followed by a longer period of lower intensity movement. This is maximum intensity, not just a higher heart rate. A 30-minute class of extreme training held outside, weather permitting.

TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: An intense class designed to help you work harder to tone and strengthen total body muscles using weights, bands, and balls. Focusing on the total body. A perfect complement to your cardiovascular workout. We also offer a lighter version on this class – 30 min Total Body Workout.

ZUMBA® FITNESS: Inspired by the traditional cumbia, salsa, and samba music, Zumba® has become one of the fastest-growing, dance-based fitness crazes in the country. Fall in love with its infectious music, easy-to-follow dance moves, and body-beautifying benefits. Zumba Express - 30 minutes of Zumba.

ZUMBA® TECHNIQUE: Zumba® fundamentals for beginners or anyone wanting to improve their skills. 30 minutes.

20 MINUTE ABS: This class focuses totally on strengthening and toning your abdominal and core area.

KETTLEBELLS: The next-level workout you have been looking for! It’s cardio! It’s strength! It’s coordination! It’s killer!

HULA HOOP EXPRESS: Forget “hula hoop-the toy”. This 20-minute workout challenges the core in a whole new way.

CARDIO STRENGTH/BALLS: It’s weights, it’s core, it’s cardio, it’s everything you want and need to get into better shape.

DANCE2 B FIT: Step lively and have fun in these choreographed dance classes designed to raise your heart rate and improve coordination.

MUSCLE STRENGTH TRAINING: Feel the burn as you max out your muscles in this highly intense weight training class.

MUSCLE ENDURANCE TRAINING: It’s not about “bulking up”. It is about tightening and toning through technique. Use it or lose it!

LINEDANCING: Kick up your heels and your heart rate with this lively and fun class. Beginner and intermediate levels offered.

STEP FUSION: A predominantly low-impact activity which involves stepping up and down on a platform while performing creative choreographic movements to music. The instructor will offer options in the workout to suit all levels. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced steppers will enjoy this fitness class.

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