How to Enroll in the
PatientSecure Program

  1. You will be asked to provide a Government issued photo ID as proof of your identity.
  2. To enroll, place your hand on the palm vein scanner until your hand is stopped by the finger dividers. Two scans will be taken.

    Place your right hand flat with your fingers apart

  3. Move your hand forward until your hand is stopped by the finger dividers.

You are now enrolled!
On your return visit, for a fast and secure identification, you will be asked for your date of birth and to place your hand on the palm vein scanner. The system will identify you and bring up your unique medical record.

Palm Vein Biometric Identification System

At INTEGRIS Health, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care, and we consider your safety a priority. That is why we are introducing PatientSecure, a new, secure, and faster way to register at any participating INTEGRIS Health facility. Our PatientSecure system utilizes the latest in biometric technology that will streamline patient registration and provide accurate identification of patients.

BENEFITS OF PatientSecure ®

  • Patient Safety: Your identity is instantly confirmed at registration. This ensures that the registrar accesses your personal medical record. In an emergency, we can access your medical record even if you are unconscious.
  • Protects You from Identity Theft: Ensures accurate patient ID at registration. No one can pretend to be you.
  • Ensures Privacy: Limits the amount of personal information (social security number, address) that needs to be said aloud.
  • Fast Registration: Scanning and identification take only seconds.
  • Convenience: Once enrolled, your record can be accessed instantly at any participating INTEGRIS Health facility.


PatientSecure is highly accurate and works by scanning the vein pattern of your palm. Vein pattern in a palm is highly unique to each person. The scan uses harmless near-infrared light, which is the same as the light of a TV remote control. The advanced algorithm processes your vein pattern to create an encrypted and protected digital file which is linked to your unique medical record.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why veins in your palm?
Vein pattern in a palm is highly unique to each person. It is as distinctive and complex as a retinal vascular pattern, which is known to provide highest accuracy in biometrics. Palm vein pattern recognition was first adopted by Japanese banks for ATMs. It is also currently used by many healthcare systems across the United States for positive patient identification.

Is near-infrared light safe to use?
Yes. Near-infrared light is the shortest wavelength of infrared light and is harmless. It does not give off heat and is the type of infrared light used in devices such as night vision goggles and in your TV’s remote control device.

Could my scan be shared with the law enforcement?
No. Palm vein scanning is not used by the legal system or law enforcement. In addition, since vein pattern recognition requires blood flow and therefore is not suitable for forensic analysis, the scan data comes in no use for crime investigations.

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