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Oklahoma is known for being one of the most affordable places to live. From stunning, yet affordable houses to stylish apartments with inexpensive rent, there is something for anyone and everyone in Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma, our low costs mean you can increase your standard of living substantially. Our low costs mean more for your dollar, more out of life.

  • Forbes ranks Oklahoma City #2 among Best Housing Markets.
  • Indeed.com ranks Oklahoma City #6 among Best Places to Look for a Job.
  • RelocateAmerica.com ranks Tulsa as the #1 place to live in America, followed by Oklahoma City at #10.
  • Business Week ranks Oklahoma City #1 among its Top 10 Places for Renters.
  • US News and World Report ranks Oklahoma City among its Best Cities for Job-Seeking Retirees.
  • US Census Bureau names Tulsa and Oklahoma City among the places with the shortest commutes to work -- Tulsa at 18.9 minutes average and Oklahoma City at 19.6 minutes. 
  • Salary.com ranked Oklahoma City (No. 9) and Tulsa (No. 12) among the most favorable cities to build personal wealth. Both cities performed well because of their low cost of living and high rate of pay.
  • Oklahoma has the fourth lowest total tax burden in the nation. When combining federal, state and local taxes, Oklahoma ranks #47, making ours a very affordable state in which to live and do business. 
  • When considering housing, the dollar definitely stretches farther in Oklahoma with some of America's most affordable property. A recent study by Coldwell Banker states a 2,200 square-foot home costing $130,000-$135,000 in Oklahoma would have a price tag of:
    • $180,000 in Dallas
    • $244,700 in Colorado
    • $249,100 in Portland
    • $237,000 in Atlanta
    • $206,500 in Baltimore
    • $181,000 in Charlotte; and
    • $159,000 in Kansas City.
  • In Oklahoma, low costs mean residents can increase their standard of living. To enjoy the same spending power as an Oklahoman counterpart, individuals have to earn:
    • .3 percent more in Dallas
    • 3.5 percent more in Atlanta
    • 3.7 percent more in San Antonio
    • 5 percent more in Kansas City
    • 7 percent more in Phoenix
    • 10.5 percent more in Denver
    • 30.5 percent more in Los Angeles
    • 31.7 percent more in Boston
Information obtained from www.okcommerce.gov)

When you visit Oklahoma, our recruiters will schedule home tours with top real estate agents to help you find an ideal residence within great neighborhoods and school districts.

For physicians who must relocate quickly, there are short term rental opportunities available to allow you and your family time to search for the right home.

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