INTEGRIS Southwest Sleep Disorders Center, Oklahoma City

At the Sleep Disorders Centers of Oklahoma at INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center in Oklahoma City, we're dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of people suffering from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, snoring, narcolepsy, movement disorders of sleep and insomnia.

A sleep study is a simple, outpatient procedure that monitors multiple aspects of your sleep and gives your physician critical information required to diagnose and treat sleep disorders. At the INTEGRIS sleep center in Southwest Medical Center, night and day evaluations are offered to meet your busy lifestyle.

Our goal is to make preparing for your sleep study as simple as possible so that you're able to relax and get a full night's sleep. A patient’s sleep study is conducted and reviewed on site. Our board certified sleep specialists contact your doctor with your test results the following morning.

Our sleep disorder services include:

Sleep Disorders Centers of Oklahoma
INTEGRIS Southwest
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