Senior Law Resource Center

Senior Law Resource Center
P.O. Box 1408
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1408

The Senior Law Resource Center is a non-profit organization committed to working with elders, their caregivers, and people of all ages preparing for the next phases of their lives. Our staff attorneys advocate for clients and help them make informed decisions in the following areas:

  • Medicare and Healthcare
  • Assisted Living and Nursing Home care
  • Social Security and Retirement
  • Wills, Trusts, and Probate
  • Capacity, Guardianships, and Powers of Attorney
  • Grandparent Rights
  • Age Discrimination
  • Fraud and Elder Abuse
  • End of Life Issues

Our services are available to all Oklahomans regardless of age or economic status.

Information and Resources – Making sense of the legal system can be overwhelming for older people and their caregivers as they struggle to make important decisions about healthcare, finances, and housing.

The Senior Law Resource Center’s website is a source of free, law issues. It also provides helpful links to government and private programs and services.

We offer workshops on a variety of elder law issues, from understanding Medicare to choosing an assisted living center. Contact our office at 405-528-0858 for a current program schedule.

Legal Services – Often information is all that is necessary to resolve an issue. Other times, professional legal services may be helpful. Whether it is drafting an estate plan or understanding a nursing home contract, our attorneys and support staff provide high-quality, affordable legal services to people of all ages and all income levels.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution – Making decisions about loved ones or our own futures can put a strain on our closest relationships. Figuring out “what’s best for mom and dad” is an emotional process that may create unnecessary conflict among family members.

The Senior Law Resource Center helps families come together to explore their options and develop action plans that best meet the needs of their older loved ones.

Professional Development – The Senior Law Resource Center offers trainings and resources to professionals seeking to more effectively meet the needs of their older clients. Workshops and information are available about a variety of senior law issues, from working with clients with disabilities to detecting and addressing elder abuse. Commonly used forms and links to helpful services are available on our website at no cost.

For more information about professional resources and a schedule of upcoming workshops, please contact us at 405-528-0858.

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