Life After Stroke Video

This patient education DVD has important information about stroke which can help you understand about your or your loved one’s stroke.  It is divided into two areas - the first part addresses what you need to know about stroke.  It includes what stroke symptoms look like, what to do if a stroke happens, risk factors for stroke, important medicines for stroke after discharge, and the importance of follow-up appointments with your doctor.  The second half addresses practical tips and tools for living with stroke after you or your survivor leaves the hospital.

It includes:

  • Warning Signs of Stroke
  • Call 911
  • Act Fast Video
  • Risk Factors
  • Medicines (Aspirin, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol-lowering Agents, Blood Thinner)
  • Importance of Follow-up Appointments

Living with Stroke

  • Improving Communication
  • Improving Swallowing and Eating
  • Improving Memory and Thinking
  • Medication Safety and Assistance
  • Resources

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