Dealing with Visual Changes

  • Increase visibility of task/environment
    • Increase contrast (light on dark or dark on light)
      • Decrease background pattern
      • Remove overlay of pattern (shadows, reflections)
      • Enlarge
      • Manage glare
      • Appropriate lighting
        • Even illumination
        • Maximum lumens
        • Minimize glare (windows, glass surfaces, white walls, etc.)
        • Flexible placement
    • Organize: Decrease clutter & create work stations
    • Simplify tasks: Eliminate steps requiring vision (e.g. speed dial phone)
  • Considerations for Reading 
    •  Anchor lines in contrasting color (red) to help navigate page to read
    • If wearing bifocals, may need separate pair of glasses for reading \
    •  Increase visibility of reading material
      • Good illumination (Flexible placement, solid apron on the lamp)
      • Good contrast (Bold print)
      • Appropriate font (Sans Serif)
      • Large print
  • Considerations for Handwriting
    • Encourage person to slow down & monitor the pen tip to ensure accuracy
    • Increase visibility of the writing surface
      • Maximize contrast & illumination
      • Place the light on opposite side of the writing hand 
      • Use bold marker
      • Use bold lined paper
  • Considerations for Mobility
    • Use wider head turns 
    •  Increase head & eye movement 
    •  Use an organized efficient search pattern 
    •  Increase attention to visual details

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