Improve Speaking, Eating and Swallowing

Continue the diet used in the hospital until told differently by a speech therapist. Includes thickening of liquids if applicable.All to avoid survivor choking or getting pneumonia from food in lungs.

Continue any position of the chin or head given in hospital for eating until changed by speech therapist to prevent choking or getting food or liquid in lungs.

Reintroduce social situations gradually. Watch for signs of survivor getting tired or overstimulated.

Use lots of herbs and spices (rather than salt) to improve taste of food. Feel free to puree their favorite foods, as well as whatever the family is eating.

Caregivers and family members cannot take care of their loved ones if they don’t take care of themselves. Get help from family members, friends, consider hiring help or adult daycare to give caregivers a rest. Don’t feel guilty about wanting or needing to get help or have a rest.

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