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Dear therapy student,

The links and information below are for allied health therapy students that have been approved by INTEGRIS Health and their program to participate in an internship with INTEGRIS Health. For inquiries regarding participation in an internship with INTEGRIS Health please contact your fieldwork educator to get in touch with us at

If you have been contacted by regarding an upcoming allied health internship and have been directed to this site please complete the following items, including all modules and documents below:

  1. Open the links below and read through the information. You are responsible for understanding and following these policies. 
  2. Open the link below, fill out all the information electronically (except your signature), print, sign, scan, and save to send in an email with other documents at one time.
  3. Open the links below and complete the modules. (DO NOT print or save the certificates at the end of the module) 
  4. Open the link below, review all the information, print the last page and complete by hand. Scan the document in order to send in email with other documents at one time
    • Student Welcome Packet  
      • (The last page of this document is what you turn in to attest that you have completed and understand all the required information)
      • This document also describes the student passport form (SPF) that I will need from your program. It is your responsibility to make sure I get this form. It is whatever form your program uses to track that you have completed your background check, vaccinations, drug screen, CPR training, etc...)


Please make sure to read over all the information carefully before contacting with questions.

Additional Student Resources

Additional Clinical Instructor Resources

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