VDI Disconnect vs. Log Off Instructions

To Disconnect from VDI:

  • You can use your INTEGRIS ID badge to “tap out” of your VDI desktop using Imprivata.
  • Applications, or software, that were running before you disconnect will remain open when you reconnect or tap back into your desktop.  This is a viable option if you plan to return quickly to your workstation.
  • The reconnection process is faster with this option.
  • You can also use Power off the monitor by pressing the power butter in the lower right – hand corner of your computer.  

To Log Off your VDI Session:

Click the “start” button on your computer.  The logoff button appears to the right of the search box.  Save your work before utilizing this option.

  • Your session is completely logged off with this option.   This is best utilized when you plan to be away from your workstation for an extended period of time – at the end of a work day, for example.
  • Any open files or applications (software) are closed.  Unsaved changes are NOT saved.
  • This option will take longer to login compared to the disconnect option.

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