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INTEGRIS is proud to feature five groundbreaking websites. The Cancer Channel, Rehabilitation Channel, Transplant Channel and Sleep Channel are like no other websites you've seen. You'll find hundreds of videos featuring patients and physicians sharing incredible, life-changing stories.



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Visit the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute Video Channel Visit the INTEGRIS Rehabilitation Video Channel
INTEGRIS Cancer Institute of Oklahoma Video Channel

Meet our survivors, their caregivers and their physicians. You can also select videos by survivor name or face, or by type of cancer - or by location. The Proton Campus is one of five INTEGRIS Cancer Institute facilities now drawing patients from across the nation.

INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Video Channel 

Sit-ups and leg curls are integral parts of healing, but at INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation, there's so much more: an unrivaled facility, a staff that prescribes friendship as much as exercise, specialized clinics - and the commitment to doing whatever it takes to help you get back to your life.

Visit the INTEGRIS Sleep Center Video Channel   Visit the INTEGRIS Transplant Institute Video Channel  
INTEGRIS Sleep Disorders Center Video Channel

It is estimated that nearly 70-million people in the U.S. suffer from chronic - yet treatable - sleep disorders. Yet millions go undiagnosed and untreated, leading not only to extreme fatigue and increased risk of accidents, but also to many serious health conditions such as heart attack, diabetes and stroke.

INTEGRIS Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Institute Video Channel 

It is our hope that those who visit will find not only a resource for information but also one of encouragement. A place that provides assurance as well as answers. We invite you to get to know the patients, doctors, surgeons, staff and family members who have been on the journey that truly brings together the beginning, the end ... and the new hope that flows to destinations reclaimed.

Heart Hospital, Oklahoma, Video Channel, Patient Stories        
INTEGRIS Heart Hospital Video Channel

When you visit the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital online channel, you’ll find real stories from real patients. You’ll also get to know the physicians behind the life-changing treatments and care that gave each of them the opportunity not only to share their stories – but to realize what it means to get a second chance.